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Snow Matchingks, Vol. II

And…welcome to Thursday! HOW could be have left off this little fellow from Saturday’s edition of Snow Matchingks?? (DP&F.)

[*Note- We’ve got somethin’ BONKERS Cute coming up later this morning…7:30am PT. 6 more words

Snow Matchingks

The relentless snow that’s dumping on the U.S. (and no doubt other areas, too) has forced some hoomins to get creative…in order to avoid going stir crazy.


Matching Stubbulars

When you’re Short And Stubbular, there isn’t much to do but chew on the other guy.

Lifestyles of Glamorous Cats!

With 2015 underway, calendar season comes once again to a close, bringing with it a well-deserved rest for model Zelda Pherphenanny. The Albany native is in high demand by calendar publishers for her clever poses. 20 more words

I Feel Your Pain, Dawg...

They missed an easy kick, and now they’ll never beat the point spread!

Via Redditor twosnapsup.

North The Wonder Cat

[*Note: North is the one on the left. Just so that’s clear. -Ed.]

“This is North who is unbelievably attractive and completely aware of it. He’s… 98 more words

Yule Logs In Christmas Sweateuhs

Corgnelius and Stumphrey are certainly showing off their Christmas Spirit (and their matching ‘Tocks!) PS- Nice Snoopy Sweateuh, too! Charlie Brown Christmas on CBS ABC… 6 more words