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It’s kinda hard to tell them apart, no?

Ultimate Rule Of Cuteness #7 Noted!

OK, let’s get MATCHINGKS out of the way right up front- this photo begs for it. Now then, more importantly- RULE OF CUTENESS #7: 68 more words

Nosevember Double Play!

What could be better than one Nose? Well, two of ’em, naturally. Simo H. says, “Hi, You’ve got the cutest website ever! Here’s a nosy picture for you, hope you like it! 12 more words

I Can Do That Too, Ma!

Watch this Prosh Bebeh Rhino decided whatever Ma can do, HE can do, too. Over and over and over. And ya know what the bebeh is named? 8 more words

C.O. Trading Cards #23: Reuben

Our C.O. Trading Card this week features a newcomer to C.O.! Please give it up for REUBEN!

“This is our 9 week old pug, named Reuben,” says Daisy W. 11 more words

Good Things Come In Twos

And let’s just get MATCHINGKS out of the way right up front! This is Adele and Havana- “Our new Boston Terrier puppies, sisters from the same litter,” says Molly S.