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Where There's Smoke

Today’s Ragtime Daily Prompt is Julienne. Julienned vegetables are often also described as being cut into matchsticks. And matches can start fires. Here in Colorado, we have 6 major forest fires burning at the moment, as you can see on this map. 482 more words

Matchsticks patterns

What letter combination goes to the question mark?

You can check your solution here

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Inductive Reasoning

Matchsticks - a diamond

Have a look at at this diamond – it is made up of 10 triangles.

Your challenges are:
1) 8 triangles**/*****
Move 4 matchsticks and have 8 triangles… 35 more words


100 doors challenge

Our daughter Margreet installed the “100 doors challenge” on her phone, and this weeks puzzles is based on one of the levels.

If 178 gives 237, what does 640 give? 17 more words



At the end of summer 2017, before the start of the 2nd Year, I participated in a 2 week work placement at KARST, which is a gallery in Plymouth, United Kingdom. 277 more words


Matchsticks - 3-7=8?

1) 3-7=8?***/*****
Please correct the following equation by moving one matchstick:

1) 3-7=8?***/*****
Please correct the following equation by moving exactly two matchsticks: 35 more words