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Life is a marathon.

A lot like life, most things that make you feel special and good on the inside require a form of grind. The satisfactions you get from finally accomplishing something you’ve been working on for a while is much more than a short-term goal. 638 more words

Wolves of East Anglia Part 1

After a mild fender bender, Raedwald had an irrefutable desire to ask Lexi out while she’s on vacation in England. Their mutual attracts hits them both like a brick. 524 more words


The Desolate Ch. 5.

She had green eyes. Not gold, like a Dardaptoan, but green. Her hair was dark brown and long. She was small, barely bigger than Iahanna—the smallest Dardaptoan female he had ever seen—and skinny. 391 more words

The Desolate Ch. 4.

M.J. opened her eyes to something far different than her little cave in the demon woods. For one thing she wasn’t shivering in her thin blankets, hoping the small fire she’d lit was still burning—matches weren’t exactly prevalent in the demon world—or stiff from sleeping on those blankets spread over a cave floor. 347 more words

500/1600 ton License Prep Course

We offer a 500/1600 ton License Prep class for mariners seeking National Officer Endorsements that require examination at a USCG Regional Exam Center (REC). The cost of this course is $1,500 and the mariner has one-year to complete the course and take the exams at the REC. 137 more words

School News

The World in A Teacup

Think about it. Every culture in the world has some kind of tea they call their own. It’s not just a bunch of tea leaves taken from a tree! 772 more words


Day 2 - Gaucho Trip

My first night in a hostel was HORRENDOUS. I can laugh now, but it has taken me until this evening to see the funny side. It consisted of drunk louts falling on me, dropping things on my head, falling down ladders, fart sounds and proceeding bouquets, unflattering and quite frankly scarring sex moans and sound effects. 266 more words