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Fix "Other" menu on MATE

Many MATE users find that their “Other” menu gets very cluttered. Wine applications, Chrome apps, and anything else that uses a custom, local user menu ends up here. 68 more words


Soul Mate In A Puppy

I just love this video. Reminds me when Moms dog Charlie when he first came home. Life changed a bunch.
This is so heart warming and delightful. I want one.


Dreamy Boy in my Dreams

I am one of those people who “doesn’t have dreams” very often.

(Yes, I know that every single person has dreams every night but we don’t always remember them.) 402 more words


My Morning Mate

Finding a decent cup of coffee has been nearly impossible! If people do drink coffee it is either instant and watery or muddy and gritty. Cream or half and half are only used for desserts, never in coffee. 168 more words


Something to Think About

In Ecclesiastes 4:9-13, we read that two are better than one, because they have a good return in their work. Two are better than one not only in marriage but even as friends in a godly relationship. 1,684 more words

Just A Thought


the poet

places his hand

on the ashes

of my blackened heart

healing fingertips

to pull out pain

words I hear

from his sweet lips… 102 more words


Soul Mate by Jacqueline Nash

Spray Paint Art found on Google Image – Porfiriojimenez
Soul Mate by Porfirio Jimenez

Soul Mate – Jacqueline Nash

To be lucky in love
is to be blessed… 13 more words