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Why Yerba Mate Should Be Your New Best Mate


My very first drink was milk, obviously. Then came water. Then came Mate (Mah-TEH!)

Where I’m from everyone drinks Mate. I mean, everyone. Doesn’t matter the age, you’re likely to be drinking the tea.  606 more words


Another MATE Quirk

When I use Midnight Commander in the mate-terminal, often I end up with weird characters in the terminal title bar and tab titles. I have tinkered with locales to no avail. 48 more words


Cover Reveal: Grace R. Duncan's Patience

Good day all!

I’m pleased to be involved in the cover reveal for the lovely Grace R. Duncan’s Patience, the second book in her Forbes Mates series. 2,015 more words


When we were younger stood in gym class we knew what place we stood in, and when it came to be picked for the basketball team all i could think about how much of a basket case I was and no matter how hard i tried someone would always get picked over me. 413 more words


Aquí se publicarán los ejercicios que se entregarán en la carpeta.


Finding a Coffin Mate

Wicked morbid title, right? So, Valentine’s Day is coming up, and while on the other 364 days of the year you are loving your blissful single life, the heavy handed idea of pairing off can get to anyone. 635 more words