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A Man, Unalike

Loveliness, robust,
A beauty so strong,
Inexhaustible vessel
Of art and of song.

Hope formidable,
A vision sanguine,
Devotion unshakeable,
Tenderness unseen.

Generous lover,
Instinctively warm, 19 more words


Being a Mother

I am missing my mum. When I told her that, she gave a wan smile and was silent. I knew why she smiled , both of us understood that, you see, we had not started really talking properly to each other until a few years back. 856 more words


For to Soar

Nest abandoned for to soar- Eternity we explore
Detritus of everyday- left behind in our love play
Adventure calls us to dance- seize ring sublime! Take a chance! 14 more words


Things you should never say to your spouse

On this talk show:  Seven things you should never say to your spouse!


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lone frog in spring






pond –

a distant croak


Image courtesy Takeuchi Seiho


Have You Hugged Your Soul Mate Today?

So, I was talking with a new friend of mine, Victoria. She’s a wise lady with wild, wavy blond hair in her fifties with a great deal of knowledge on a favorite subject of mine—sex. 619 more words

⚡ electric sunrise ⚡

i totally lied when i said white is the new black… you guys should have known. i have a very scary obsession with the color black and you should always know i’m lying if i claim otherwise. 381 more words