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Section II touches on the incredible changes that occurred during the half century after the immigration and then looks at the socioeconomic spectrum of life experienced by two families, Nieman and Lueder, farming outside of Cedarburg, Wisconsin. 1,684 more words

All You Need Is Less

There comes a point in anyone’s life that we begin to question our future, our decisions, and basically what we’re doing with our lives. If this is you, here’s what you need to know in order to obtain a piece of mind. 343 more words


Sending oods
and oods
of love
to anyone
who needs it. . .

what real good
are goods,
coming from below,
to fishes, 27 more words


Freedom is Being Unencumbered by Non-Essentials

After my first full day in Sámara, it is clear to me that Ticos do not have a lot of material things. By itself, that may not be surprising, since it is, after all, a third world country. 458 more words

Costa Rica

More Lessons I Learned From My Dad's Death 3

This is a continuation of this previous post.
My dad died in April of last year, and since I was the only sibling left in town, it fell to me to take care of my dad’s financial affairs.   1,052 more words


Wisdom for the Day

Integrity has no need for rules.

Disobedience to God’s call to stop a specific sin is a double sin.

If you plow the field every day, the only thing that grows is resentment. 68 more words



The urge to purge comes upon me every so often; especially when I need to lay my hands on something I haven’t picked up in a long while for some urgent reason and can’t find  it anywhere. 641 more words