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Thalassios the Libyan: “It is not difficult to get rid of material things"

“It is not difficult to get rid of material things if you so desire; but only with great effort will you be able to get rid of thoughts about them…”

– St. Thalassios the Libyan

Religious/Theological Reflections

The me that will never change.

Why do i feel sick when i hear the word re-born?.
Sometimes i think it’s because of my perfect life with so much imperfection.

The absence of a gold watch on my wrist always makes me feel imperfect, not to mention that italian shoe i see on D’banj, GOD i would love to have one of those. 38 more words

My Stuff

It's so haaa-aaa-aard to say goodbyyye...

This has taken me a couple of months to write.  It’s a very personal and difficult subject.  But it should also make you laugh.  Maybe cry.  2,082 more words


I’ve moved a lot in the past four months. Not only my body, but my body plus all my stuff. Forced out of my college apartment at 8am the morning after graduation by an uncaring Collegetown landlord, I left the barbecue to frantically pack my things. 432 more words


Count your blessings and you will realize just how fortunate you are.


January 23rd, 2015

By Austin B. Hahn

Dear Journal:

Material things create clutter and take up space. I understand that they can be beautiful and comforting, but what’s one person doing in a 22,000 sq. 144 more words

Joan Rivers

Loving what we have, in action

Guess what? According to First World standards, I am poor. This bothers me None. Nada. Not at all. And compared to others in third world countries, we are rich beyond measure. 418 more words

Meditations On God