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Hoarding Relationships and Things

I was reading a blog post today about how accumulating friends and maintaining shallow relationships on Facebook were activities that were similar to hoarding. At first, I was like “Meh. 588 more words

Bragging Rights?

This post was transferred over from my Dressing For Your Body Type Blog. It was originally posted on October 18, 2013.

When I haven’t seen someone in a while – and I don’t know much about their life anymore – it makes me feel sorry for them if all they can talk about are things that cost money. 79 more words

Positive Thinking and Meditation

Running 5 miles might seem impressive to some, but I have ran for several years. I have ran from reality. Immersed in a world that isn’t as friendly as it may seem. 650 more words


Stop and Think

As time flies by sometimes we don’t really stop to think. It’s as if we are on a long train. The box cars on that train are filled with materials. 589 more words


Spend Money on Experiences, Not Things

Jay Cassano, a Brooklyn-based staff writer for Co.Exist wrote an interesting piece on how we spend our money. Most people spend their money on material items for numerous reasons, to show happy they are, how successful they are, or just in the pursuit of happiness. 493 more words


I Know It's Just Stuff...But It's My Stuff

I am in bed, tired and not wanting to move or open my eyes. Half asleep and half not-asleep. I hear the fussing and moaning coming from the baby monitor. 759 more words



So I am a bitch…

That is what you call me.

Is it because I reject you when you think every girl wants you?

Or maybe because I refuse to be another one on your hit list… 169 more words