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Count your blessings and you will realize just how fortunate you are.


January 23rd, 2015

By Austin B. Hahn

Dear Journal:

Material things create clutter and take up space. Sure I understand that they can be comforting and beautiful, but what’s one person doing in a 22,000 sq. 144 more words

Joan Rivers

Loving what we have, in action

Guess what? According to First World standards, I am poor. This bothers me None. Nada. Not at all. And compared to others in third world countries, we are rich beyond measure. 418 more words

Meditations On God

More Please...

As a kid I didn’t have the best childhood. I lived with my mom in a run down apartment on the wrong side of town. I was made fun of in school for a multitude of reasons. 1,019 more words



It’s amazing to me how much one can accomplish sitting in a silent room, all day, everyday. One of these days I will break out and have some ol’ fashioned fun, but for the time being I have to deal with what I am dealt. 87 more words


If Everything In Your Life Was Measured

As human beings, it’s in our nature to measure, because that’s how we understand the things around us. We put numbers on everything: time, quality, standards of living. 559 more words

More About Righteousness


“Righteousness” is a very big subject in the Bible. The apostle Paul wrote his greatest letter, to the Romans, to explain the righteousness of God and how it works out in practice to deal with our sin and at the same time to transform our lives. 457 more words

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