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But For the Grace of God

My memory of that afternoon awakens thoughts of a sunny fall day.  Back in time a dozen years it was one of those in-between days of not cold yet, but not warm either.   1,095 more words


Never sated enough

No matter how much you tell yourself material things doesn’t matter, it actually does. Only if you live in poverty, you realise you can live without it. 697 more words

Writing Challenges

Window 1328 -Stay awake

When we become  distracted by beauty,  logic dims and we cannot see what is hidden.

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What is your measure of success. A high paying job, a big house, fancy car or perhaps fame and fortune. This may be how society labels success, but true success comes from within, not from others.  140 more words


I’m Not Impressed By What You Do, I’m Impressed By Who You Are

I’m not impressed by your degrees, I’m impressed by your manners. The way you treat your friends, the way you support your family and the way you you don’t abuse your status or your power. 399 more words

The Truth About Material Goods (And Why They Don't Mean Shit)

The hum of the high-tide waves crashing into the seawall is the only sound I hear.
I’m 10 floors up,
in a penthouse, 4-bedroom condo, 324 more words

Psalm 17: What Satisfies You?

Psalm 17:1-15 V15 “….I shall be satisfied when I awake with thy likeness” What satisfies you, what makes you content. What is it that satisfies the righteous person and what satisfies the unsaved. 1,695 more words