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What Is Biology? Part 4 of 4

How Life is Defined:

There is no simple clear definition of what life is. This is appropriate as life is a wonderful, complex, beautiful, enigmatic phenomenon that defies any effort to over-simplify it. 863 more words



There are many ghosts of people walking among us


Weightless and empty

Too weak to strive for

life …

And too far gone to realize that the amount of things they can buy, doesn’t mean they are alive


What Is Biology? Part 3 of 4

The Scientific Method

All scientific endeavors begin with a question. The questions we ask are typically influenced by our worldview. For example, a Darwinist may ask, “How did the appendix evolve?” While a Bible-believer might ask, “What was the appendix created for?” The questions we ask determine the answers we seek. 1,375 more words


Six versions of reality

What is real? What things truly exist, and what things are part of our lives only due to our own imagination?

Most of the college classes I teach are world history surveys, but occasionally I get to teach a comparative religions class or an introduction to philosophy. 910 more words

We are Living in a Material World and Jesus is Material God

* to the tune of Madonna’s Material World*

Some gifts thrill me, some displease me;

I think that’s okay

‘Cause the gift that comes from God… 163 more words

Self effort

Yesterday at the Nirmal satsang one particular point that was discussed, stayed with me.

It is something we all know either because we have heard it or we just know deep within. 473 more words