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Tuesday Tuneup Twelve

Q. Do you know who I am?

A. (guarded) Well, if I don’t, somebody does.

Q. Er . . . why have you summoned me? 384 more words

Creative Process

Arabs' problem with the material world

It wasn’t philosophy that killed religion, it was science, precise, cold science. Before the discipline of Biology was established, if a man were to ask a priest how a virgin could get pregnant the priest could easily answer it’s a miracle beyond the material world. 601 more words

Frustrations And Disappointments

Grand Opening + Discount Code!

Yes. I have my very first discount code ever!

You can thank Lenette’s Shop + Sip Boutique for that!

Right in the home of Helotes, TX is this beautiful treasure where you can shop and even enjoy a some wine. 380 more words



As one week passes by from the first day of class. She adds a new class to her schedule, “sculpture”. As she approaches her class, she sees a long big hallway with multiple classes, it’s 1:59 pm and she hasn’t found the class; shes’s late. 146 more words

10 May 18: Ace of Coins/Earth, reversed

Money trouble is one of the meanings of this card, one of the luckiest in the Tarot when upright.

The Ace is of Earth (Virgo/Taurus/Capricorn) and relates to the material world but also spiritual well-being in that one is at peace and secure in one’s occupation and surroundings. 411 more words


Shopping Spree With Mom Part 1

Mother’s Day is in less than one week already. I have been thinking of the perfect Mother’s Day gift and asked about 20 different moms what is it that they really want on this day that is dedicated to acknowledging them in our lives and celebrating their significant roles in our lives. 621 more words


Love That Knows Our Name...

‘To know you are loved or have been loved is more than uplifting, it is at the core of everything.’

Having recently experienced loss, I entered an all encompassing tunnel of sadness where daylight seemed all but obliterated and the sound around me was literally muffled. 1,059 more words

Law Of Attraction