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Love That Knows Our Name...

‘To know you are loved or have been loved is more than uplifting, it is at the core of everything.’

Having recently experienced loss, I entered an all encompassing tunnel of sadness where daylight seemed all but obliterated and the sound around me was literally muffled. 1,059 more words

Law Of Attraction

As old as God

Are we not alternately fascinated with, resigned to, fixated on and horrified by the process of aging? The reason for all of this turbulence is that we are in thrall to our bodies, utterly identified with them. 71 more words

Keith Ashford

NAFTA: a Canadian Perspective

North American Free Trade Agreement

Donald Trump made an election promise to the American people. Actually he made many promises, never thinking that he’s have to keep any of them, because he expected to lose. 376 more words


Is There More that Meets the Eye?

Is there more that meets the eye? Is there a life beyond the material world?

There has always been a debate on the existence and relationship between the two dimensions of life: the spiritual and the material. 770 more words


Where moth and rust consume

Whatever requires effort to build will require more effort to maintain and protect.

Keith Ashford

A dream that wasn’t a dream before(Prompt C)

She has never felt this intense craving before. It scares and challenges her. She searches for the meaning of this new wish. She holds onto this desire like her life depends on it. 160 more words


Frantic Screams around the house. Tears flowing like a pipe has burst in my head.

They won’t stop.

Screaming and yelling, I cannot calm down. How could I have lost it? 470 more words

Material World