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Commercial Cosumer?

Commercial consumer. What a distasteful pair of words. And yet, we all seem to fall a little bit victim to them. Although it remains one of my greatest fears (along with jobs that involve cubicles), I have found that even I fall prey to this consumer society at large. 635 more words


Notes From an Alien Shore

A few weeks ago I happened to ask two friends a question that had been on my mind a good deal lately. Both conversations went very much like this (I’ll call the friends “X” for simplicity): 1,070 more words

Material World

Is your life meaningful?

Sometimes, I feel that I get lost in the day to day material life in which I live in. The past few years, I’ve really started understanding what is most important to me. 360 more words

The Self



To seek and find as treasure

To receive what lasts

From the very hand of God

In a continual pure and peaceful flow… 101 more words

The gifts of fear

Fear can be instructive when I experience it, though I’m not meant to dwell on it, or in it.

If I understand the inner signals of fear, whose purpose is to educate and inform me, I can choose to make the necessary adjustments in belief and behavior that will prevent for me the unhealthy and painful mental state of being consumed by that fear. 208 more words

On The Heart's Path

The Meaning of Life and the Three Ways the Ego Folds in upon Itself

What is the meaning of life?

It seems to me that this is a question the ego asks out of a desire to affix a label upon and categorize existence. 739 more words