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     What possesses a man to think nothing of walking regularly into a pub or restaurant and spending his hard earned cash on a few drinks?  Drinks that enter the body at one end and exit at the other without quenching any of his thirsts. 241 more words


Disclaimer: what started as a quick reflection has evolved into a small book. Read at your own risk.

So, I’m kind of a minimalist. I definitely haven’t always been that way. 971 more words


What a Very Stupid Salad

Here’s David Bentley Hart with a superb rant, triggered by Adam Gopnik’s piece in the New Yorker, on journalism, ignorance and the emptiness of modern secular discourse: 631 more words


Problematic and impoverished

But, in fact, materialism is among the most problematic of philosophical standpoints, the most impoverished in its explanatory range, and among the most willful and (for want of a better word) magical in its logic, even if it has been in fashion for a couple of centuries or more. 10 more words


We still employ dectectives

If we, as humans, are only physical systems (merely matter), we ought to stop trying to hold each other accountable for misbehavior. In fact, there can be no misbehavior if we are only physical brains and bodies; there can only be behavior. 117 more words


Physics explains everything, or does it?

This naturalism must forever remain a pure assertion, a pure conviction, a confession of blind assurance in an inaccessible beyond, and naturalism’s claim that, by confirming itself to purely material explanations for all things, it adheres to the only sure path of verifiable knowledge is nothing but a feat of sublimely circular thinking: physics explains everything, which we know because anything physics cannot explain does not exist, which we know because whatever exists must be explicable by physics, which we know because physics explains everything. 17 more words


God, materialism and doubts

Now the basis of Christianity as well as of Democracy is, that a man is sacred.

I began at an early age, like everybody else who has gone through the ordinary curriculum of a public school education, by doubting the existence of God, and being a Materialist. 12 more words