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ReThink: Holiday Shopping

I can’t believe it’s that time of year already but we need to talk about holiday shopping.

I’m going to keep this short and sweet because I don’t think anyone needs a lecture on this topic.   545 more words


Science's inadequate view of reality

If moral statements are about something, then the universe is not quite as science suggests it is, since physical theories, having said nothing about God, say nothing about right or wrong, good or bad. 59 more words



     What possesses a man to think nothing of walking regularly into a pub or restaurant and spending his hard earned cash on a few drinks?  Drinks that enter the body at one end and exit at the other without quenching any of his thirsts. 241 more words


Disclaimer: what started as a quick reflection has evolved into a small book. Read at your own risk.

So, I’m kind of a minimalist. I definitely haven’t always been that way. 971 more words


What a Very Stupid Salad

Here’s David Bentley Hart with a superb rant, triggered by Adam Gopnik’s piece in the New Yorker, on journalism, ignorance and the emptiness of modern secular discourse: 631 more words


Problematic and impoverished

But, in fact, materialism is among the most problematic of philosophical standpoints, the most impoverished in its explanatory range, and among the most willful and (for want of a better word) magical in its logic, even if it has been in fashion for a couple of centuries or more. 10 more words