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Questions on Morality and the Materialist

In a naturalistic world in which there is nothing supernatural, nothing other than the material world, and everything there is can be summed up by what we can touch, see, hear, feel and measure, survival of the fittest reigns. 1,281 more words


The Hidden Spring

There was once a powerful dictator who ruled his country with an iron will. Every aspect of life was thought through and worked out according to a rational system. 838 more words


Daniel Dennett's Science of the Soul

Long write-up in The New Yorker

Dennett does not believe that we are “mere things.” He thinks that we have souls, but he is certain that those souls can be explained by science.

Philosophy Of Mind

Two Kinds of Mind: Dennett and Scruton

Nicely balanced review of Dennett and Scruton’s latest books. We need both approaches. See article in Standpoint.

Philosophy Of Mind

There's Something About Mary

Galen Strawson revisits Frank Jackson’s thought experiment in a final draft made available here. For those not familiar with this thought experiment, Galen sets it up quickly and clearly. 81 more words

Philosophy Of Mind

Everyone Worships

Wherever the people do not believe
in something beyond the world,
they will worship the world.
–G. K. Chesterton

G. K. Chesterton

The Unshakable Longing

We are not merely a lost generation . . . Our predicament is much deeper and of much longer duration. Centuries of skepticism, doubt, and contempt have taken their toll. 141 more words