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There's Something About Mary

Galen Strawson revisits Frank Jackson’s thought experiment in a final draft made available here. For those not familiar with this thought experiment, Galen sets it up quickly and clearly. 81 more words

Philosophy Of Mind

Everyone Worships

Wherever the people do not believe
in something beyond the world,
they will worship the world.
–G. K. Chesterton

G. K. Chesterton

The Unshakable Longing

We are not merely a lost generation . . . Our predicament is much deeper and of much longer duration. Centuries of skepticism, doubt, and contempt have taken their toll. 141 more words


Choose Your Strangeness

It’s true: The Christmas story is humanly strange. A young Palestinian virgin miraculously conceives a boy-child whose Father is God, the Creator of the universe. This boy-child is born in ironic ignominy, yet heralded by a miracle star and angelic hosts, greeted by shepherds and Persian astrologers, and hunted by a homicidally paranoid king. 384 more words


Deep Down the Rabbit Hole

Atheists are prepared
to burrow very deep down
the materialist rabbit hole
in order to avoid any
possible confrontation 
with the spiritual.
—Rabbi Moshe Averick


A Partial Account of Reality

Scientific truth is characterized by its precision and the certainty of its predictions. But science achieves these admirable qualities at the cost of remaining on the level of secondary concerns, leaving ultimate and decisive questions untouched.
        –José Ortega y Gasset


The Unsuccessful War on Faith

If any country in the world should be known for its cynicism and contempt for religion, it should be Russia. For over seven decades the Russian populace was exposed to a tireless barrage that mocked Christianity and sought to liberate the masses from all such “ridiculous superstitions.” The soviet state ruthlessly pursued its goal to obliterate religious belief through propaganda, imprisonment, torture, and mass murder. 94 more words