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On Color

A brewing interest. Let’s make 2018 #colorful! :3

This book is slowly opening my eyes to the fascinating world of colors and natural pigments. Read about the white pigment so far and how lead carbonate was used for the longest time despite its toxic properties (lead poisoning!!!) because it provides a vivid, opaque color. 129 more words


On Good Conversations & Pursuing Dreams

“Money does not equate to good design, but good design can turn time into money.” – Dean Tobias Guggenheimer, SoFA Design Institute

Dean Guggenheimer of SoFA dropped by our furniture design class yesterday.

404 more words

Engineering: Free Online Material Database Speeds Material Selection Process

Engineering: Free Online Material Database Speeds Material Selection Process. “Matmatch is a free-to-use, searchable online database of engineering materials from ABS to titanium, and everything in between. 67 more words

New Resources

Reusing the first stage of a commercial rocket: Economic cost of retrofitting a used rocket

Rockets for satellite launches remain the most important cost item of the launch process of any commercial satellite project, given the single use nature of the rocket. 530 more words


Phys .org: Know your cement, get greener concrete

Phys.org: Know your cement, get greener concrete. “An international team of scientists has created a new database of molecular dynamics models that simulate the properties of cement in all its varieties. 52 more words

New Resources

Challenges of recycling lithium-ion batteries

With increasing use of lithium ion batteries for personal mobile devices and computers, there is a concomitant need to plan the end of life treatment of these batteries that contain precious metals as well as toxic and flammable substances. 222 more words


Aerodynamic and mechanical grip in Formula 1

Grip is of utmost importance to the delivering of engine power to the race track for Formula 1 cars. But, compared to normal road cars, Formula 1 cars derived its grip from two main sources: mechanical and aerodynamic grip. 514 more words