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Antenatal Care: A Success Story? The (In)Effectiveness of Antenatal Care in Reducing Maternal Mortality and Promoting Maternal Health in Developing Countries

Authors: Ran van der Wal, Mary Taleh, Liliane Mulinda


Antenatal care (ANC) is considered a success story in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC), as its uptake is very high. 101 more words

Maternal Health

Reclaiming Childbirth: The Inuulitsivik Aboriginal Midwifery Program

Authors: Patrick Bidulka, Rosemary Chuang, Ramla Barise, Min Gi Cho, Kedar Mate


The Inuulitsivik Midwifery Program was created in response to the inefficient evacuation policy implemented by the Government of Canada in the 1950s. 268 more words

Maternal Health

Keeping Contraceptives on the Shelf: A Case Study on the Informed Push Model for Family Planning in Senegal

Authors: Frida Blackwell, Jennifer He, Breanna Hodgins, Gisele Nakhle, Ipshita Nandi, Marisa Okano, Anna Qian


In 2011 the Informed Push Model (IPM) was designed by Intrahealth International and its partners to address the issue… 102 more words

Maternal Health

Get Compassion:Reflections on Childbirth and Privilege

Jessi Klein wrote an Op-Ed in last Sunday’s New York Times entitled “Get the Epidural” in which she takes on the arguments for “natural” childbirth and makes an astute point about its premise: “It’s interesting that no one cares very much about women doing anything ‘naturally’ until it involves their being in excruciating pain.” 158 more words

Social Justice

Are prenatal vitamins a waste of money?

Last week the news that pregnant women don’t need vitamin supplements seemed to be all over social media. The articles were based on this review article… 682 more words

War elevates maternal and children mortality rates

That war negatively affects maternal and children health and reproductive health in general is not news; it is true and real. Simply put, war and improved maternal and children health is mutually exclusive!!!! 548 more words

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