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The Clashing of "Intersectionalism" with Feminism & Human Rights

The last couple years witnessed the rise of feminism as a pop culture phenomenon. Initially, I felt this finally a societal way to reclaim a much needed global movement from the hands of hairy arm-pitted man-women. 1,095 more words

The Great White-trash State of Alabama loves your fetus, yet hates you.

The latest attack on women in the war on women is happening in Alabama. Yep, right here. “Personhood” for a zygote is a thing here. A collection of cells, a lump of tissue growing inside a uterus, is worth more than a woman’s life. 770 more words

The "What's Best" Fallacy: Debunking a pretentious, egregious fallacy STILL damaging women and children in the 21st century.

The “what’s best for the child” fallacy needs not only to be addressed but debunked. The majority of adoptions are, and historically have been, legalized kidnappings. 1,359 more words

Neomisogyny: The New Hate Group of the 21st Century

I don’t use the unscrupulous term of “men’s rights” simply because this makes their white boy’s club a thing. It’s not a thing – it’s an invidious and unfortunate backlash to social progress and our current century. 885 more words

Feminism Hijacked: Women in the Military

The 21st century has seen Americans bridled with a post-911 fascist, pro-military nationalism that has costs us international support and friends, as well as allowed for a slew of unscrupulous, revisionist, armchair historians and fundamentalists to take hold of our national consciousness at all levels. 1,875 more words