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Moved to Tears

The last time I was moved to tears was actually yesterday. No, I wasn’t crying or sad. I was at my great-aunt’s surprise birthday gathering with my two sisters & my 11-month-old nephew. 173 more words

separation anxiety

not the baby’s. mine.

yes, maternal separation anxiety is real. the first time I heard a story of a new mother crying on her first day back to work after maternity leave, I thought: oh come on, how can that even be possible? 334 more words


Mad Men and Motherhood

Spoilers ahead

Although much work seeks to dismantle representations of women, rarely does this effort extend to discourses of motherhood and the maternal. Generally speaking, the contemporary ideology of maternalism juxtaposes the “good mother” with the “bad mother”; the “good” mother ‘finds this intensive maternal role to be natural, satisfying, fulfilling, and meaningful’ … 2,601 more words


27 days: Being maternal

I had always thought I wasn’t as maternal as a typical mother, but watching Jay and my mother handling J the last few weeks have both amused me and made me realize, may be I did more than what I gave myself credit for. 446 more words

Raising Kids


The truth of a woman is that one is never enough. Not because the child itself doesn’t complete her, but because her overwhelming instinct to create cannot be stunted by the creation itself. 29 more words


Happy Pregnancy Anniversary to my Uterus

It is 8pm on a sunny Saturday. I’ve been up since 4.54am when a wide eyed smiley baby sqwaked in my ear and poked me in the eye. 542 more words

Astrology / Cosmic Quote of the Day for June 24, 2015

(Today’s planetary action: The first quarter Moon in Libra squares the Cancer Sun; Wounded Warrior Chiron stations retrograde in Pisces at 21 degrees; Mars enters Cancer at 9:33 am EDT; Jupiter trines Uranus, ongoing.) 742 more words

Astrology June 2015