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I Don't Know If I Want Kids, And That's Okay

Hi. My name is Marissa, I’m 24 and…I don’t know if I want kids. Some people reading this might agree, others vehemently disagree. If you’re my mother, you might be clutching your metaphorical pearls and gasping, “Why would she do this to me?!” 649 more words


Elizabeth Grace Porter - 52 Weeks, 52 Ancestors

Elizabeth Grace Porter – Week 5.

We all know to well that life is very good at throwing us endless stress, more bad days than good. 746 more words


Occurrence of a somewhat alarming character

When I was little and we lived on Edwin Avenue in Toronto – we are talking kindergarten age – I threw some paint cans into a coal furnace to see what would happen. 715 more words


Elizabeth Tremble: a coal miner's daughter

Elizabeth Tremble, my great great-grandmother, was born 5 Jan 1862 in Greysouthen, Cumberland, England to William Tremble and Jane Alexander. Victoria was on the throne and Albert had died only three weeks earlier. 2,147 more words


Hold.in.g Space 4.ALL that YOU are!

It’s a small world after.ALL!

Hold.in.g Space

Ever wondered why things allude you?

All of His.Story speaks of Magic (Faith.Gratitude) and Miracles (Power.Love) and yet, we keep exhaust.in.g space to HAVE IT ALL. 683 more words


Portsmouth Town, Colewart Barracks

In the narrow streets that form the old town of Portsmouth, are the Colewort Barracks. At the back of the barracks, in 1839, the church of St. 724 more words


John Willats - 52 Weeks, 52 Ancestors.

John Willats – 52 Weeks, 52 Ancestors, Week 3.

It wasn’t my intention to write about my 6th great-grandfather this week, I had already written it on my 2nd great-grandmother… 1,086 more words