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State of maternity services

The Royal College of Midwifery has published State of Maternity Services Report 2016.

The report examines emerging issues and trends in relation to maternity services.  50 more words

02 (February 2017)

The Big Business Of Maternity Care.

Evidently, steady birth rates, new ideas about parenting and higher spending power all provide Guangzhou with excellent conditions for the right kind of maternity care. So says Ms Zhang, General Manager of a confinement club in Guangdong, who believes that confinement clubs themselves are coming of age. 541 more words


How Investing In Maternity Benefits Can Help Your Bottom Line

Maternity-related care is often at the top of the list of medical costs for an organization. Employers in the U.S. are collectively billed $12 billion… 616 more words


Ami Hospital Vadodara-Choices for Childbirth

Pregnant-Women The first health professional you see in your pregnancy is required to provide you with information regarding the options you have for caregivers and place of birth. 202 more words


Quick Tips For Glowing, Healthy Motherhood

New Delhi: To maintain healthy and beautiful skin during and post pregnancy, you may need to reconsider your skincare routine. It is necessary to protect your skin with natural lotions, cream and massage oils to sustain natural glow of your skin, says an expert. 304 more words

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Why choose Ami hospital Vadodara ?

When it comes to women’s health issues, we understand how important it is to find the right group of healthcare professionals who are ready to care for you over the long term – doctors and nurses who will listen attentively and respond with the proper level of expertise and concern. 69 more words


Screw the Cervix...

I’m not a super fan of the fact that Congress has prioritized repealing the Affordable Care Act, for silly reasons such as my concern for women’s rights, or as some call them women’s “issues”. 579 more words