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California Doctors And Hospitals Tussle Over Role Of Nurse-Midwives

California Doctors And Hospitals Tussle Over Role Of Nurse-Midwives

A California bill that would allow certified nurse-midwives to practice independently is pitting the state’s doctors against its hospitals, even though both sides support the main goal of the legislation. 222 more words

Life begins ... when?

Many have been known to ask when life begins, in an attempt to establish boundaries for policy issues connected with female reproduction. We wonder whether that question can possibly give a sufficiently definitive answer to guide us in our quest. 284 more words

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What exactly is a labor induction?

According to The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist, “Labor induction is the use of medications or other methods to bring on (induce) labor.”  There are a few medications that are used with this intent, they include: Cytotec, Pitocin, Cervidil, Syntocinon, Prostin E2, and/or Prepidil. 776 more words

Time Travel

A glimpse in the past…

I read Siddhartha Mukherjee’s The Emperor of All Maladies. The book, as referenced on the cover page, is a biography of cancer. 1,524 more words


The system established in the United States concerning maternity care is inadequate. With the birth of my two children also came an unfiltered introduction to the disparities that exist in the US not only concerning general health care but maternity care specifically. 1,562 more words

The right to refuse medical care

The Law Giveth and Taketh Away:
Religion, Science, and the Right to Refuse Care

This cartoon grew out of our astonishment that, particularly in the context of childbirth, U.S. 1,409 more words

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ME/CFS Maternity Care

It has been quite a week here in the UK with apocalyptic rain storms and shock referendum results. I’ve been at my parents house avoiding the fallout of the Brexit vote and also the paint and decorating dust of our home improvement works. 1,096 more words

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