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Bovary's Sunday Style - No. 31 The Best Non-Maternity Maternity Nightwear

I’m going to stick my fat head out of the fridge long enough to tell you about some nightwear I found.

Oh stick your big fat head back in, you awful woman. 449 more words



We were snowed in last week, like many of you I assume. It gave me chance to “surf” and look at other maturity t-shirts companies on-line. 162 more words

Fresh (maternity) duds

I’ve never been trendy or fashionable or fashion-forward, per say, but I’m trying not to look a frightful mess during this pregnancy.

That’s been somewhat challenging given how little maternity clothing I own . 697 more words


What to Wear When Pregnant: 2nd Trimester

Your Goal: Flaunt it!

Making it through that emotional and awkward first trimester is a wonderful milestone in itself. The risk of miscarriage significantly decreases, morning sickness… 825 more words


24 weeks.....does that mean 6 months!!??


So something has been confusing me lately…….how weeks and months link up in pregnancy! Now that i’m 24 weeks, does that mean i’m 6 months….or will I be 6 months when i’m 26 weeks (with those extra two weeks counted back at the start!)? 378 more words


23 Weeks Pregnant! We bought a Travel System!


So we have decided to move back home to Limerick and have been busy with trying to organise everything for the move and trying to find somewhere to live at home, compared to London there is a huge difference in how places are advertised! 438 more words


22 week pregnancy update...... Kicking baby!!


The highlight of this past week has got to be that the baby’s kicks are getting a LOT stronger and my hubby finally got to feel lots of little baby kicks! 303 more words