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The Desolate Ch. 5.

She had green eyes. Not gold, like a Dardaptoan, but green. Her hair was dark brown and long. She was small, barely bigger than Iahanna—the smallest Dardaptoan female he had ever seen—and skinny. 391 more words

They make me happy!

Who are they? My friends of course! Who else can make you happy – the way your friends can?

Today I meet up with a really good friend called FD. 349 more words


Until the Friend of time

Friends are one of the most underrated commodities we can have. Yet we treat them like fossil fuels: use the shit out of them, wonder why we’ve run out, and end up having to live like vegans who never had any in the first place. 1,536 more words

Một ngày, sau khi thua sml

All my life, at least till the thirteenth, I’ve been giving my best not to blame other selves. Today, I’ve learnt the value of teamworking: you cannot blame anyone, even yourself, because we stick together, as a whole, without anyone left out. 53 more words


'Hello, I'm Harvey'

‘Hey, I’m Sybil’   The Blue Heron have started to pair up, high in the rookery trees. I have yet to find an accessible spot closer to the action. But, I will try…