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a roundup post that I wrote in November and never shared,
and now I’ve kinda stopped doing roundup posts,
but hey, here ya go

Suterisms:  816 more words



I learned to love math later in my school career (high school).  I was one of those people who thought I just wasn’t born with the “math gene.”  With the help of great high school mathematics teachers, math became one of my favorite subjects even though it still didn’t come easily to me.  214 more words


Gaussian Elimination Summary

Row echelon form (REF)
For each non-zero row, the leading entry is to the right of the leading entry of the row above.


Note that the leading entry 9 of the second row is to the right of the leading entry 1 of the first row. 104 more words


Math Language: Saying "groups of" instead of "times by" = understanding

Instead, say “groups of”

A small tweak in the language here will make a big difference in building student conceptualization. Without formal instruction, children know what it means to have a certain number of groups of something. 76 more words


Number Talks

I just can’t stop thinking about Number Talks. I love Number Talks, and really see the power that they have in helping students develop conceptual understanding in math. 1,109 more words

Big Ideas In Education

Butterfly Pea Health Benefits (Research Papers)

Butterfly Pea Tea is a blue colored tea from the Butterfly Pea flower. It is apparently not very well known outside Thailand (and some other countries). 177 more words


"Yu Gong" of India: Mountain Man Motivational Story

Most Chinese would have heard of the story Yu Gong Yi Shan, which is a fable of how a man moved a mountain bit by bit using his perseverance. 212 more words