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I Hate Tests

I hate using tests and I don’t know what to do about it.

There, I said it. I hate tests. I am not just referring to the standardized tests, which have their place, blah, blah, blah…or so we are told. 718 more words


Are We Adding Ratios (rates?) or Fractions?


This writing is a discussion and speculation on why I think fractions are so hard. I say speculating, yet when this was presented in class, the speculation was transformed into reality based on what students said. 1,033 more words

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Using Zoolander to Reinforce the Concept of Scale

In search of all great lessons, I stumbled across Robert Kaplinsky’s Zoolander lesson, which was created for the concept of scale.  Although teaching scale was months away when I discovered the Zoolander lesson, I immediately created slides and customized the lesson so that I would not forget about it. 1,289 more words

Lesson Structure

Let's Talk About Answers in Math

A few weeks ago I led elementary  teachers in a PD around answer getting. How many times a day in math class do we hear kids say, “But I got the right answer! 303 more words

Math Instruction

Is My Math Instruction Effective?

In elementary and middle school, teacher-directed instruction never seemed to work for me.  I grew bored quickly and then promptly zoned out.  I’d either doodle on paper or mentally plan out my afternoon.   822 more words


Customizing Andrew Stadel's Sweet Snacks

Sweet Snacks: A video and concept by Andrew Stadel, customized by Dr. Polak!

I spend a big chunk of my weekends in search of grand lesson ideas. 1,143 more words

Lesson Structure

What Form of Math Instruction do Students Like Best?

When I was in school, all of my math classes were taught in the same manner.  First, the teacher wrote a math problem on the chalkboard that he or she copied directly from the example section of the textbook that we all had access to.   1,466 more words