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A Short, Short Discourse on Digit Sum


My daughter and I play with numerology; it’s just play, nothing serious. We play with calendar dates, prime numbers, birthdays, etc., looking for patterns and such. 426 more words


What Makes A Circle, A Circle?

In the seventh grade curriculum, geometry studies are few and far between. Sometimes students will stumble upon a textbook question regarding angles, triangles, area, or perimeter, but there is little exposure in isolation of geometric properties in our grade level. 915 more words

Lesson Structure

Understanding, not just procedures

From this HuffPost article, written by a mathematician talking about the shift from procedural math knowledge (doing problems) to what we really need to know about math these days: 424 more words


6_All Hail the Might Khan…Academy

    Professor of Mathematics Education at the Stanford Graduate School of Education, Jo Boaler (2008) describes the mathematics instruction Americans receive as “impoverished” (p. 16). Like so many children my daughter was suffering from mathematic rickets, an chronic  and devastating form of educational malnutrition. 2,843 more words


Teach students to be capable, not dependent

My husband, a school superintendent, always had trouble with math classes when he was in school.  He didn’t do all that great during his high school math classes, and almost didn’t graduate from college during his undergraduate days because of a required college math class he took 4 times before finally passing it right before his graduation. 1,058 more words


Let me first apologize for the long delay between the last posting and this one … there was just a heap of other stuff that needed attention … 1,982 more words