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Lawsuit: Zara Misleads Customers By Listing Prices In Euros, Making Its Own Exchange Rate

While it’s not entirely unheard of to see prices listed in euros stateside, a new federal class action lawsuit claims that retailer Zara’s practice of doing so — and allegedly making up its own exchange rate — has tricked shoppers into paying more than they should. 464 more words

The Dead Cat Ballet, Act 2...

I am still messing with the human female’s tiny mind with regard to yesterday’s large shipment from the Purveyor of Dead Things.  It’s so easy… 800 more words

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Soap Tutorial Part II: The Recipe

In Part I: The Fundamental Components, we covered the necessary and optional ingredients of a soap recipe. This Part II: The Recipe covers how to design a recipe and calculate measurements. 2,565 more words

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Wednesday Marked the 100th Anniversary of General Relativity

The 100th Anniversary of Einstein presenting his General Theory of Relativity was this past Wednesday, November 25th. He presented his work to the to the Prussian Academy of Science, in Berlin. 116 more words

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"We have met the enemy, and it is math"

I love that tag line. The Paris Attacks Were Tragic, but Cryptography Isn’t to Blame

The most frightening thing about the Paris attacks is that a bunch of people who didn’t pass high school calculus (and probably had a fair bit of trouble with algebra 2) are now talking about laws to regulate cryptography. 224 more words

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