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Engineering and the Math Involved Are Hard: The FIU Bridge Catastrophe

A professor of structural engineering takes a look at the bridge collapse in Miami. FIU Bridge Collapse: Why Müller-Breslau Matters.

The mavens of engineering, who have been screaming for more social justice and less rigor in engineering have been strangely silent this week. 243 more words

Your Tax Dollars At Work

Engineering is Hard

Clearly engineers need to concentrate more on social justice issues, and less time on calculating the tensile and compressive strengths of various materials. Miami FIU pedestrian bridge collapses, people trapped beneath | Miami Herald… 105 more words

Technology Is Wonderful

3.14 is Pi Day

March 14th is Pi day. And it’s also Einstein’s birthday.

One of the simplest ways to estimate π is to use the Gregory-Leibniz series.

π = (4/1) – (4/3) + (4/5) – (4/7) + (4/9) – (4/11) + (4/13) – (4/15) …

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Math Is Hard

Fear of Radiation Turned Out To Be Much Deadlier Than Radiation Itself

March 11, 2011: The 2011 Tōhoku earthquake, sometimes called the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. And the resulting mess at The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. 548 more words

Your Tax Dollars At Work

Chapter 2 of Joe Average Buys Groceries.

Last month, in response to Shel Zolkewich posting about Stats Can’s claim that the average Manitoban spent $241.00 a month on food, I decided to give… 1,223 more words


Breaking: NYT Discovers Than a Reduced Percentage of Zero is Zero

In a piece about the proposed tax cuts, the New York Times notes that

[t]he plan would not benefit lower-income households that do not pay federal income taxes.

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