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'Math is challenging': Calgary Mayor Nenshi and MP Michelle Rempel engage in Twitter spat

Two high-profile Calgary politicians have become embroiled in a heated social media spat with Conservative MP Michelle Rempel accusing Mayor Naheed Nenshi of making a sexist remark. 363 more words


Benoit Mandelbrot: Born 20 November 1924, Died October 14, 2010

Benoit Mandelbrot was a mathematician by training. He published papers on economics and finance, on turbulence in jet engines (and other environments) and on information technology. 430 more words

Technology Is Wonderful

It Wasn't "Polling Error." You didn't read the fine print

Polling error is almost never reported in headlines. The plus or minus percentage without which the polling data is useless. But that is all about statistics, and as we know, math is hard. 434 more words


Lawsuit: Zara Misleads Customers By Listing Prices In Euros, Making Its Own Exchange Rate

While it’s not entirely unheard of to see prices listed in euros stateside, a new federal class action lawsuit claims that retailer Zara’s practice of doing so — and allegedly making up its own exchange rate — has tricked shoppers into paying more than they should. 464 more words

The Dead Cat Ballet, Act 2...

I am still messing with the human female’s tiny mind with regard to yesterday’s large shipment from the Purveyor of Dead Things.  It’s so easy… 800 more words

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