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Analysis shows Prentice took a beating on Twitter over #Mathishard

WATCH ABOVE: During the leaders debate, there was one exchange that has garnered the most attention. Tom Vernon reports.

TORONTO – Jim Prentice, leader of the Alberta PCs, is being panned Friday for telling NDP leader Rachel Notley that he knows “math is difficult” during Thursday’s leaders’ debate. 593 more words


OMG!!! Radiation!!! - or - The Next Crazy Train Is Leaving the Station

It seems like the anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami of 2011 is always the cause for freaking out about radiation. Fukushima radiation has reached North American shores… 463 more words



I’m doing math now as I speak.

I realised that in secondary school, math is a lot of simple problem solving, knowing how to break down or transform an expression into a simpler form. 296 more words



Wow. This week flew by. My Birthday was Monday and my family went out of town for 2 days… everything since then has been a blur. 84 more words


Reading the well-written

I thought probability theory would be easy, but I was wrong. It feels like black magic, even when you have the solution. My prerequisites were weak sauce, so I knew I had to fix it. 171 more words


Brick walls and old inadequacies...

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Well, I started my Environmental Economics class off with much excitement in December.  I thought to myself, “this class will be so cool; I will learn allot about economics and the environment, it will be really helpful with my future goals.”   At first the professor was talking about supply & demand, using examples of environmental topics like water supply and oil reserves to illustrate the economic principles.   612 more words

A Salt of the Earth

Ah, the temperature drops, the streets are snow-white, and the crisp air is ripe with the marine scent of brine. It’s not that the ocean spray is very prominent in the middle of a suburban city, but the sheer amount of road salt being dumped on the streets each day has managed to bleach the ground white. 805 more words

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