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Wow. This week flew by. My Birthday was Monday and my family went out of town for 2 days… everything since then has been a blur. 84 more words


Reading the well-written

I thought probability theory would be easy, but I was wrong. It feels like black magic, even when you have the solution. My prerequisites were weak sauce, so I knew I had to fix it. 171 more words


Brick walls and old inadequacies...

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Well, I started my Environmental Economics class off with much excitement in December.  I thought to myself, “this class will be so cool; I will learn allot about economics and the environment, it will be really helpful with my future goals.”   At first the professor was talking about supply & demand, using examples of environmental topics like water supply and oil reserves to illustrate the economic principles.   612 more words

A Salt of the Earth

Ah, the temperature drops, the streets are snow-white, and the crisp air is ripe with the marine scent of brine. It’s not that the ocean spray is very prominent in the middle of a suburban city, but the sheer amount of road salt being dumped on the streets each day has managed to bleach the ground white. 805 more words

Ad Nauseam

Dear WordPress: Please Learn to Math

I wasn’t planning on posting twice today, but I am noticing a disturbing trend with the stats on the WP 2014 reports.  I just caught it today on another blog, but now every time one of y’all posts a report, I am figuring things out for the heck of it. 294 more words


Sprint Exec Admits That "Half-Off" Offer Will Likely Only Result In Savings Of Around 20%

Earlier this week, Sprint introduced a new offer for current Verizon and AT&T customers looking to switch service — same amount of data at half the price. 316 more words

So you *do* understand

Leif sent this to me last night.  Once I finished laughing my ass off, I decided I must share.

This exactly how I feel about physics, which by the way, is never easy, but is close to being the most sadistic, obtuse, and frustrating application of mathematics my sad little Jane Brain has ever encountered. 6 more words

The (re) Education Of Ms Janie Jones