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7 Ways to Teach Multiplication to Students with Different Learning Styles

The Harvard Graduate School of Education states that while “It is tempting, even natural, to want to present material exactly how you like to receive it,” doing so can result in “reaching only a small cohort of students.” Instead, future educators being trained at Harvard are advised to vary the way that they present new concepts to students in order to reach students who learn and process information in a variety of ways. 1,752 more words


CLD 317: Math Resources

  1. Playful Learning in the Early Years


This blog Playful Learning in the Early Years is a beneficial resource for parents, teacher, and home-schooled children because the blogger introduces different mathematical concepts in creative ways that are play and inquiry based. 2,653 more words

Math Resources

A long weekend of celebrations

As my 12-year-old son really wanted a sleepover, we opted for a Friday of a long weekend so that would give us enough time to recouperate. 400 more words

A Birthday and Smoke and Fire

We had a very exciting birthday this week with Mr Ash turning 12 this week! We always go out to dinner for birthdays, and it is usually Japanese. 459 more words

The harvest moon

This week we celebrated the Harvest Moon with the Chinese Moon festival in the classroom and enjoyed a story of how the moon festival came to be with a fascinating folktale, a paper lantern craft, and snacks of fruit and mooncakes. 209 more words

ISTE Standand 1. Facilitate and inspire Learning and creativity.

My personally developed question to answer in finding information to facilitate and inspire learning and creativity:
How can I use technology in my math class to engage and inspire use of math in the real world? 363 more words


Pick a pumpkin or two?

Sunday we finally had a day out! Even though I still have not handed in my 3850-word report which is due this week, I felt good as I had edited the day before. 636 more words