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MathFlix is a video resource library to illustrate how to do math.  Check it out! I would send this home as one of the links for parents/guardians to visit to help their students with math!

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Math Centers

Mathematic Methods Resouce Book

This book is a great resource. The books is based on teaching mathematics based on current research. This current research bases mathematical learning on current standards, culturally oriented, relevant problem solving, use of manipulative, collaborative and cooperative learning.

Commitment To Students

Why Math Mammoth is a good alternative to after-school math programs

I have researched many different materials, and one that I have found to be very effective, comprehensive and easy to implement is Math Mammoth.

Benefits of Math Mammoth… 340 more words

Math Resources

Some thoughts on after-school math programs

In the current competitive education environment parents want to ensure that their children are keeping up with others and master the basic fundamentals of math. With so many different school systems and math curriculums, it is easy to worry about whether or not your kid is learning what he needs to know.   299 more words

Math Resources

Navigating by grade level in Khan Academy

To find grade-specific material in Khan Academy go to Learn -> Math in the upper left hand corner.

To find out what is topics are covered in each grade, go to the Common Core map… 27 more words

Math Resources