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MCTM Keynote Part 1

This past December I gave a keynote talk at the Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics’ Conference. I’ve been thinking about the ideas I presented and wanted to share them more widely, so I turned them into a series of videos. 20 more words

Math Teaching

Embrace the Mess

I had a personal aha moment today. It feels like I need to voice it to myself and potentially rumble with it some more….. but here it is: … 1,110 more words

Critical Thinking

Math at Home

To my teaching colleagues and parents everywhere…

We have always been partners in the mathematics education of our children — and now we find ourselves in a time that demands even more collaboration between home and school. 123 more words

How To Record Video Lessons For Free

Given the state of things recently I thought I’d share how I record my video lessons. I do this all for free. To set up everything it may take about an hour but after you do the initial work everything is easy. 203 more words

180 Ideas: #17 Know the Community

Many teachers don’t live in the school district in which they teach. This might be a purposeful choice or not. Even if we live in our students’ school district, we may not know their neighborhood or particular communities. 448 more words

Math Teaching

Whole Number divided by a Fraction

Over the next few weeks we are going to dive deep into dividing fractions!  I can honestly say I have been teaching fractions for years and while I did understand why the multiplicative inverse worked, I never fully understood what happened when two fractions got divided.  366 more words

Numbers And Number Operations

Comparing Fractions and Decimals

Students sometimes have a difficult time understanding how fractions and decimals are related and how they can be compared.  As always, providing a visual is essential for student understanding.  177 more words

Numbers And Number Operations