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A happy child

Baseball season is in high gear – B is playing on two teams, which is the result of two seasons, spring and summer, overlapping.  Very different teams and coaching, to boot.   421 more words

Scratch Paper

I enjoy seeing all of the different ways that my students fill their scratch paper for math testing. Some go top left to top right, then on to the next row. 151 more words


A stone from my collection

It’s our late evening, which more or less takes us from the car to the bedtime routine.  Mythankfulboy hates having a secret about something that is making him feel guilty, so, before we got things rolling he cornered me and said, “Remember that math test I felt pretty good about?”  “Yeah….”, I respond, slowly.   496 more words

Bride In India Walks Out On Wedding After Groom Answers 15+6 Incorrectly

NEW DELHI (AP) — An Indian bride walked out of her wedding ceremony after the groom failed to solve a simple math problem, police said Friday. 221 more words


Math Test or Quiz or Assessment

Make sure to clearly record all of your data. It is very important that you show all of your work. It is equally important that you explain all of your thinking. 31 more words


A bad day

In the spirit of Valentine’s day, I’m contributing a post that has nothing to do with love.  Or pink hearts and fluffy, stuffed animals. Not even mentioning that half naked toddler flying around with a dangerous weapon. 613 more words


January 20/2015 - Pooped

Hi Pandas!

I’m pooped! I have just had four hours of math and a math test and my brain is pooped.

I also lost my MP3 player so that sucks. 60 more words