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A Brief Aside about Politics (and yes, SF is always political)

Let’s do some math. I know, bear with me. According to the US Census Bureau, there were 324,831,561 residents of the U.S. (not counting US citizens overseas) in November 2016. 548 more words


The End 2016 Mathematics A To Z: Quotient Groups

I’ve got another request today, from the ever-interested and group-theory-minded gaurish. It’s another inspirational one.

Quotient Groups.

We all know about even and odd numbers. 1,508 more words


Ten Best Math Instruction Tools

In his excellent TEDx talk, “Math Class Needs a Makeover”, Dan Meyer affirms some basic truths about math class: 1) anyone can learn to be successful in math, 2) traditional approaches to math instruction have poorly served a large number of our students, and 3) making math instruction practical is the key to making it “stick”.   611 more words


Math is Fun!

by Terri

I was teaching a third grade class that did not enjoy math. They felt it was difficult and not as much fun as the other subjects. 571 more words

Teachers' Stories

Carpe Mathematica

Yes my dear friends, I’ve been quiet, again. And yes, it is as frustrating to me as it may be to you. I didn’t mean to be away yet again, but I had a side project that demanded my attention; deadlines will do that to you and as silly as this may sound, I’ve spent the last few weeks studying math. 563 more words


Exploring Mathematics Through Tech

Tracey Reed (elementary school instructional technology) explores the meaningful use of technology in learning and details how, with Tricia Apel (elementary/high school math), they use an app called EDpuzzle to help students understand math. 326 more words

Elementary School

When it becomes too much, divide and subtract.

Subtract and divide. Multiply and add with caution.
Having to solve two problems is usually worse than having to deal with one (obviously): accidentally leaving the water on – the water bill for this month has dramatically increased. 361 more words