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The Truth of One Plus One Equals Two

If I wander into a crowded train station and scream “One plus one equals two!” at the top of my lungs, or mutter it to myself, and there is no apparent pair I am gathering together, are my words true?  86 more words


We are just getting back into the swing of things after taking an unofficial break from structured school.  My husband had knee surgery and was home for three weeks (which kinda meant we had a 3 week party) LOL!! 123 more words


PIC: Kid Uses Patrick Kane's Jersey Number to Answer Math Test Question!

Well, she has the right answer! This student pointed out that the answer to her 37+51 math problem equals Patrick Kane’s jersey number!

Kids do the darndest things, don’t they?!

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1 = 1

If I had a dime
For each dime I have, then I’d
Have this many dimes


When will I use math?

Jordan Ellenberg, author of How Not to Be Wrong on why mathematics isn’t just about linear curves and quadratic equations and why practice makes perfect when it comes to mastering the art of numbers.  780 more words

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