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James Simons - Flatiron Institute

Source: The New Yorker, Dec 2017

The Flatiron Institute, which is in an eleven-story fin-de-siècle building on the corner of Twenty-first Street and Fifth Avenue, is devoted exclusively to computational science—the development and application of algorithms to analyze enormous caches of scientific data.  589 more words


References for foundations of math!

If you are not interested in the foundations of mathematics (and of computer science, I think), then you may disregard this post. For those of you that are interested but are unsure where to start: I hope this will help you get started with the foundations movement at the turn of the twentieth-century! 199 more words

Let's Talk About Math...

There are not a lot of restaurants close to where I live so I often find myself going to the same Subway for dinner. Over the years, I have seen multiple employees come and go but most of the current employees now recognize my face enough to feel comfortable engaging me in trivial banter while they make my sub. 1,030 more words

Using Regular expressions too Find Sum of All Numbers in a Txt File

Here I wrote a script that will go through all the numbers in a file of text and give you the sum of all of them. 46 more words

Coursera - a couple of courses

currently trying out a few Coursera courses…

Apache Spark and AWS

  • Finished week 1; mostly setting up an AWS account and EC2 scripts to fire up a Spark cluster on AWS…
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Day 18: The power of consistency

Yup, that’s 1481 times bigger. A huge difference in the results, made by a tiny improvement versus degradation *every day* after a year.

Motivational, isn’t it? 789 more words


A stupid remark on cohomological dimensions

Let be a finite-dimensional Noetherian scheme, and let be a prime invertible on . Gabber proved that if is any finite type morphism, then there is some integer such that vanishes for all -torsion etale sheaves and all , cf. 131 more words