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It was a beautiful spring morning and my class was in the Chemistry lab. While the students were carrying out their activity I approached one of them and quietly slipped a calculator to him. 347 more words


Le Quote of Le Day

“Mathematics is the alphabet in which God has written the universe.”
-Galileo Galilei, Italian Polymath

Now, what does this mean? The way I see it…

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Ridiculous Math

On the sixth anniversary of our relationship, I dedicate this entry to my fiancée Amy.

What is ? Infinite, right? Well, this is apparently not the only answer. 537 more words


"But that's not how I learn" - Part 2 of What Student-Driven Learning Really Looks Like

I have had the pleasure of working with an Algebra 2 teacher this year at Crowley ISD in Texas. She applied for a Dell Certified Eductor program in her district and attended my two-day kick-off last fall. 681 more words


Feb 21 - 24

Hi Everyone,

I neglected to remind the students that tomorrow is “Pink Shirt Day“. It was on the announcements so your child may or may not already know, but tomorrow we are encouraged to wear pink (not something in my closet!) I will have bracelets to hand out so no worries if your child doesn’t have anything, but I thought I’d send out a reminder just in case. 114 more words


* What is homework?

To my nephew, Isaac, homework is “tor-tradition,” meaning torture + tradition.  See?  He has some math sense and lots of common sense.  Poor Isaac.  As third grade has shifted into hypermode to prepare for the end of grade tests, he has been left dangling. 258 more words


A random fact

This, therefore, is Mathematics; she reminds you of the invisible form of the soul; she gives life to her own discoveries; she awakens the mind and purifies the intellect; she brings light to our intrinsic ideas; she abolishes oblivion and ignorance which is ours by birth.

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