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What is in all those numbers (standard scores, percentile ranks, DRA, etc.)?

The last couple years I have seen an increase in questions asked to me regarding what various numbers mean that parents receive from the school or from test printouts.   1,518 more words

Hope Standard O2

HOPE Standard O2 states, “Offers appropriate challenge in the content area.” To me this means that I need to guarantee differentiated assessments and assignments for students that have various learning needs. 315 more words

Triad: The Power of Three

Performed By: Centerville High School from Centerville, Ohio
Class: Percussion Scholastic World
Year Performed: 2015
Place: 15th
Score: 85.235

Musical Selections: 
Voice Overs Used:
“They say good things come in threes. 13 more words


MATLAB : Orbitallerde Elektron Bulutları

MATLAB dizilerime sıradan gitmek istemedim bazen plot örneği yapmakta istiyorum açıkçası. Orbitaller nereden açıldı diyecek olursak. Kimya öğretmenimin kitaptaki orbital bulutlarının 3D olmayışından şikayetlendiğine dikkat ettim.Aslında haklıda buluyorum kendisini.Madem MATLAB bilimsel grafikler çıkartma konusunda 1 numara yazılım bende küçük bir araştırma yapıp tüm orbital elektron bulutlarının bulunduğu bir proje buldum.Ve gerçekten çok hoşuma gitti.Projeyi buradan indirebilirsiniz. İyi eğlenceler :)


This Week in PreKindergarten #26: Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? (Hint: It's not Peter!)

This week, as we entered Week 2 of “Once Upon a Times,” we moved from things that come in threes to things that, in our fairy tale world, swallow ducks whole, get captured by children, try to fatten up chickens for stew, and strike a conniving plan with a goat-herding boy: that’s right–this week in PreK, it was all about wolves. 340 more words

Weekly News

Canada's Smartest Person is a football player

Ya gotta love it….

The Maclean’s Genius explains how he solved the Singapore puzzle
That brain teaser about Cheryl’s birthday that’s stumping everyone? Peter Dyakowski solved it in the gym. 186 more words


Add, subtract, multiply, divide,

These are the main operations four,

But don’t get cocky, they’ll haunt you before

You can utter a desperate “OH NO!!” 85 more words