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#MathStatMonth Day 20: Pascal's Triangle

Pascal’s triangle is a triangle of integers that looks like this:

1  1
1  2  1
1  3  3  1
1  4  6  4  1… 591 more words


One machine to rule them all: A ‘Master Algorithm’ may emerge sooner than you think

(Source: thenextweb.com)

It’s excusable if you didn’t notice it when a scientist named Daniel J. Buehrer, a retired professor from the National Chung Cheng University in Taiwan, published a white paper earlier this month proposing a new class of math that could lead to the birth of machine consciousness. 701 more words


What if I told you there's a fifty percent chance that 2 out of 23 people have the same birthday?


I know, these first few cards have nothing to do with birthdays, but it’ll get there.


Let’s change gears.

PART THREE… 492 more words


Benchmarking PHP

Lately i’ve been working on a lot of things that require me to “benchmark” the time it takes for parts of my code to run. This means that I have been using  1,696 more words


Saturday Math Puzzle

“Algebraic symbols are used when you do not know what you are talking about.”  – Philippe Schnoebelen

Happy Saturday, wherever you are! :) 


Beauty in Equations?

When people think of beauty they think of towering mountains, famous paintings, or notorious sculptures; not numbers seen in a whiteboard.  But many scholars, scientist, and mathematicians throughout written history believed that math is a form of beauty and art like a misunderstood painting or a part of an eccentric dance. 200 more words


5 Stories about Numbers that Turn into Poems

I’m  embarking on another 3-part blogging adventure this weekend: my relationship with numbers. This 3-part journey will begin with poetry, then wind into color, before ending on my arithmophobia. 795 more words