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A Few Words about Computational Linguistics - By Siddharth

Today was the 1st LingCon Computational Convention, hosted by 42 US, and conducted by Hack+. I went into this event expecting to get a very basic understanding into the field of machine learning and computational linguistics, but what I received was quite different. 1,166 more words


They Might Not Be Giants: now a song!

The other day I discovered that the ukuletrically charged Joey Marianer has once again set something I wrote to music! Truly, a Joey is an exciting kind of friend to have. 646 more words


* Geometer's SketchPad

The Geometer’s SketchPad is a cool, online tool for exploring math concepts with 3rd graders through high school students.  Published by Key Curriculum Press, SketchPad… 207 more words

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Math Test

Math Test on Tuesday! Be looking over your study guide!

Know angles, symmetry, area, perimeter & measurement!


8 Facts About Infinity That Will Blow Your Mind

Nice article on infinity. Also little known is the fact that the symbol of infinity was introduced by clergyman and mathematician John Wallis, hundreds of years ago in 1655. 125 more words


Relating Physics and AI via Mathematics

Source: Quanta, Dec 2014

The new work, completed by Pankaj Mehta of Boston University and David Schwab of Northwestern University, demonstrates that a statistical technique called “renormalization,” which allows physicists to accurately describe systems without knowing the exact state of all their component parts, also enables the artificial neural networks to categorize data as, say, “a cat” regardless of its color, size or posture in a given video. 237 more words


Meet Dan DuBrow, Founder of APEX Tutoring

I’m really excited to publish my first blog post about something I’ve been so passionate about for a long time.  I founded APEX Tutoring 525 more words
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