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Determinant Predicates

When re-reading Real-Time Collision Detection by Christer Ericson i came across a section called Determinant Predicates in Chapter 3 A Math and Geometry Primer. I thought it was interesting that from just filling a matrix with data such a points in space and finding the determinate of that matrix you could do geometrical tests. 473 more words


Pascal's Night of Fire

On November 23, 1654,  Blaise Pascal  encountered God in a vision. He wrote this prayer to remember the moment and carried it with him wherever he went by sewing it into the liner of his coat: 203 more words

Early Results

I decided not to push a seating chart yet, today. I have my geometry students working independently and in groups on the investigations, finishing up today and tomorrow and decided that pushing a seating chart just to have them get back into their groups would be silly. 248 more words


Notes -- Prime Numbers

204. Count Primes

public class Solution {
 public int countPrimes(int n) {
 boolean[] isNotPrime = new boolean[n];
 int count = 0;
 for (int i = 2; i < n ;i++) {
 if (isNotPrime[i] == false) {
 for (int j = 2; j * i < n; j++) {
 isNotPrime = true;
 return count;

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5 Ways to Make Math Fun

This post is for elementary ages. I have no idea how to make prealgebra fun but would be happy to share your ideas.

  1. Poetry.
  2. 556 more words

Some End-Of-August Mathematics Reading

I’ve found a good way to procrastinate on the next essay in the Why Stuff Can Orbit series. (I’m considering explaining all of differential calculus, or as much as anyone really needs, to save myself a little work later on.) In the meanwhile, though, here’s some interesting reading that’s come to my attention the last few weeks and that you might procrastinate your own projects with. 565 more words


Real World One Step Equations - CCSS.MATH.CONTENT.6.EE.B.7

Suppose you and your family which includes your wife and three children is getting ready for the ski season. You order pairs of Go Fast skis for everyone in your family and spend $2,000. 219 more words