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Math: Grade 8

Lesson 143: Permutations

What I learned in this lesson was how to use this equation, P(n, r) = n! / (n – r)!. So if I had to see how many times you can rearrange the word doom, then you would have three letters to choose from because when you have doom and then rearrange the two o’s, and you get doom, so because you cannot distinguish the two o’s from each other. 27 more words


Tips on How to Solve Algebra Problems

By using the multiplication table, it is easy to come up with the number that it is given as a variable. When solving the algebra problem, then you will have to figure out the value of the x and other variables which makes a statement given to be true or which satisfies such equation. 420 more words


Reading the Comics, May 23, 2018: Nice Warm Gymnasium Edition

I haven’t got any good ideas for the title for this collection of mathematically-themed comic strips. But I was reading the Complete Peanuts for 1999-2000 and just ran across one where Rerun talked about consoling his basketball by bringing it to a nice warm gymnasium somewhere. 1,112 more words


Do Your Math with Quick Math Factor Calculator

Make your homework a walk over by learning more and understanding how to use a factor method on a math problem. In most cases, factoring is used on quadratic equations or polynomial problems. 465 more words


Pre-Assessment for Differentiation TeachNOW Unit 5 Activity 1


In my class, the greatest variance in levels tend to be in math. Therefore, it would be better to do a pre-assessment at the beginning of the week and then Wednesday during the week when we move to more word problems to determine where the gaps in knowledge are in my classroom (Pendergrass, 2013) (Tomlinson, 2003). 753 more words

Quadratic equations are on the way

Quadratic equations are not included in the 1st build of Math Classroom Challenge (Windows) and Math Street Challenge (iOS-AR), but you can expect to find them soon in new builds. 42 more words


Complex decimal module

Here is a module that extends the decimal module that comes with Python to complex numbers. 2,108 more words