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"So you want some resources?" Vol. 001

Over the last month, the primary request from educators has been “cars”, “candy”, “to be ten years younger”,”pens that never run out of ink and pencils without the need for sharpening”, “destruction of fidget spinners once and for all” 457 more words


Calculus & Beyond: Why High School Students Should Take Advanced Math Classes

For years now, educators, business leaders, and even politicians have begun to realize that today’s students aren’t learning enough higher mathematics. The need for civil engineers, for instance, is expected to… 436 more words


Exclusive: Flesh Grenade by Consider Yourself album stream

We’re very happy to bring you an exclusive stream of the debut album form instrumental rock act Consider Yourself. Due for release on the 22nd August get your first listen of… 12 more words


Math Revision (2)

George bought a computer which cost $1700.
In addition, he had to pay 7% GST.
How much was the GST?



New Method for Measuring Lots of Resistors Using Very Few Wires

is back at it again with the linear algebra, and he’s now come up with a method for determining the resistance of lots of resistors using little of wires and loads of math. 316 more words


Statistics: Expected Value

Statistics: Expected Value

One of the most valuable things to learn for any serious poker player, is how to evaluate the value of your own hand. 173 more words

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norbert blum P vs NP attack goes CYBER-SCIENCE-VIRAL!

:star: :idea: :!: :D :cool: <3 hi all! want to write a lot on this, have all kinds of impressions and things to say on one of my favorite topics in the world for 2½ decades now and which this blog is partly dedicated to, but am starting out by just collecting some links vacuumed up mostly today for others to check out, the top locations for commentary. 1,390 more words