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In Awe of the Obvious

What is math?

Math isn’t at all what people think it is.

After years of studying math, I can honestly say I’m still not quite sure what math is. 223 more words


Paul Erdős International Math Challenge


The ABACUS International Math Challenge was launched in 1997 by Tivadar Divéki, head of Grace Church School’s Science Department. In September, 2015, we proudly changed the name of our program to… 465 more words


Proving History and Bayesian Jargon

On page 58 of Proving History, Richard C. Carrier states,

“So even if there was only a 1% chance that such a claim would turn out to be true, that is a prior probability of merely 0.01, the evidence in this case (e1983) would entail a final probability of at least 99.9% that this particular claim is nevertheless true.

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Showing Off Our Knowledge of Patterns

Today the students were given time to explore and demonstrate their learning about patterns. I took pictures of each student’s work and asked “tell me about your pattern”. 7 more words


Life is so incomplete

This post won’t be as melancholy as the title may suggest; it forms part of my quest to acquire the basic ingredients of human existence. Mathematics is the unspoken language of nature, in which we must strive to achieve fluency if we are to bask in the richness of the universe in which we are marooned. 1,196 more words


Math Talk

Today we did our second Math Talk and WOW – what an improvement. Today, the students included numbers, shapes and patterns in their math thinking. Here is the picture we examined.

Here is our Math thinking.