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The Big 6 Civilizations (pt 2: Egypt)

2. Egypt

I know I don’t have to tell you about Egyptian civilization, but did you know the Egyptians had maths?

Problem number 56 from the… 655 more words

Structures And Civilization

Venn Diagrams Series: Classroom Use

So you’ve made it through my posts about Venn Diagrams. You might be thinking: “Okay, it’s obvious that students need to use Venn Diagrams in language arts, but math??” 696 more words


A Klein Bottle

A Klein bottle is an interesting closed surface that comes up in certain areas of mathematics. After our wonderful librarian at school hooked me up ( 292 more words


Venn Diagram Series, Part II

Hello again! In the last post, I talked about the general idea of venn diagrams. I shared some ideas and tools to practice sorting, but let me take a step back and cover some of the vocabulary that comes with venn diagrams. 327 more words


Estimation at a Glance

Estimation involves changing numbers in a logical manner to get an idea of the value or quantity. It is a skill we use everyday without really considering that is a functional math concept. 485 more words

The Math Of Nothing


I don’t really do numbers but what I would ask you to see, two consider

There is-no difference

I am left, this is right… 19 more words