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Finite time blowup for an Euler-type equation in vorticity stream form

I’ve been meaning to return to fluids for some time now, in order to build upon my construction two years ago of a solution to an averaged Navier-Stokes equation that exhibited finite time blowup. 1,188 more words


A wave equation approach to automorphic forms in analytic number theory

The Poincaré upper half-plane (with a boundary consisting of the real line together with the point at infinity ) carries an action of the projective special linear group… 4,708 more words


Embedding the SQG equation in a modified Euler equation

The Euler equations for three-dimensional incompressible inviscid fluid flow are

where is the velocity field, and is the pressure field. For the purposes of this post, we will ignore all issues of decay or regularity of the fields in question, assuming that they are as smooth and rapidly decreasing as needed to justify all the formal calculations here; in particular, we will apply inverse operators such as or formally, assuming that these inverses are well defined on the functions they are applied to. 696 more words


First Bourbaki seminar of 2015 (II): Carron's talk

For the second installment of this series of posts (which started here) on the first Bourbaki seminar of 2015, we will discuss Gilles Carron… 2,384 more words


Discretised wave equations

The wave equation is usually expressed in the form

where is a function of both time and space , with being the Laplacian operator. One can generalise this equation in a number of ways, for instance by replacing the spatial domain with some other manifold and replacing the Laplacian with the Laplace-Beltrami operator or adding lower order terms (such as a potential, or a coupling with a magnetic field). 1,149 more words


Kolmogorov's power law for turbulence

Many fluid equations are expected to exhibit turbulence in their solutions, in which a significant portion of their energy ends up in high frequency modes. A typical example arises from the three-dimensional periodic… 940 more words