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New Music: Ithaca

Ithaca are one of them hidden gems that you do not come along often. If you are into mathy melodic hardcore/metalcore then I have no doubt that you’ll appreciate this band. 228 more words

Black Arrows of Filth and Impurity - 1984 (Eternal)

It’s death metal? It’s grindcore? It’s death metalcore?1

1984 (Eternal) is the only official2 release by Black Arrows of Filth and Impurity (henceforth referred to as BAOFAI) of Indianapolis, IN. 494 more words


Random Start: Shapes - “Vacancy Ape”

It’s funny how geographical regions tend to gravitate towards a certain sub-genre. For example, France, and some surrounding nations, are churning out blackened chaotic metallic hardcore and Russia and Australia have both birthed some interesting metal/mathcore acts. 28 more words

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Botch to Release Vinyl Box Set

Botch will have a 9xLP box set coming out via Hydra Head Records. It will contain: 56 more words


CD Review: Gvrlls – Protect Us From The Ones We Love

There’s been a cultural shift in hardcore lately, all the Verb The Noun bands are dying off, and in the shadow of the success of bands such as NAILS, the underground is giving rise to a resurgence of filthy metallic hardcore bands. 505 more words

CD Review

ALBUM REVIEW: Ellipse - A Nos Traîtes

When Code Orange released their sophomore LP “I Am King” last year, they basically blew up the hardcore world. Touring the world and playing venue upon venue, their cathartic and in-your-face second effort was as intense as hardcore gets; brutal breakdowns and sludgy, dissonant riffs galore. 595 more words


Random Start: The End - “Orthodox Unparalleled”

In their brief career, The End went through a hell of a lot of musical shifts. I know the changes from the previous EP to this full length may seem minor, but gone are Tyler Semrick-Palmateer‘s distinctive vocals, replaced by Aaron Wolff who sounds more like Burnt by the Sun’s Mike Olender. 165 more words

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