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New Rolo Tomassi Album! (Excited Squeal)

Grandeur, thy name is Rolo Tomassi. Well, I guess it’s actually grandeur. But right now, listening to their new album, it feels like Rolo Tomassi is a damn good substitute. 191 more words


Album Review: Rolo Tomassi - Grievances

Apologies for the review drought. Exams are now over. Rejoice.

Rolo Tomassi are a very unique band. Not only did they sound like a rabid dog mauling Mario to death but somehow with guitars, but they did this while looking like the indie-pop band you see in your local ‘expensive pub’. 518 more words

Album Review

Don't Open Birthday Presents From iwrestledabearonce

Genre-fusing mathcore specialists (I can’t believe I just wrote those four words either) iwrestledabearonce dropped the first video from their upcoming album, Hail Mary, during the week and it absolutely crushes. 299 more words


Upsilon Acrux - Sun Square Dialect and Some Thoughts on Reviewing Experimental Groups

Upsilon Acrux probably shouldn’t be considered metal, but I haven’t reviewed anything avant-garde or extreme in its deviation from standard genres in a while. They are an experimental rock outfit. 674 more words

The Crinn - Shadowbreather

One of my favorite blogs is Fenriz’s band of the week. So inspired by Fenriz i’m going to name The Crinn band of the week here in Tzertzelos. 127 more words


Murdock: Howling Mad Irish Hardcore

It’s a good time to be an Irish heavy music fan. Two of my favorite albums of the year to date have hailed from our island of rain and stout. 320 more words


Dillinger Escape Plan Release New Video for "Paranoia Shields"

A lot of things can be said about Dillinger signing with Sumerian Records, things both positive and negative, but the one clear benefit there has definitely been their video budget. 129 more words