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Sorrowset - All Ends, Begin With Ease

Sorrowset is a three piece band from Salt Lake City, Utah. Their debut, full length album ”All Ends, Begin With Ease” was released on the 1st of September. 239 more words


I Woke Up Like This: My America is Watching Tigers Die - “Our Words Will Fail Us”

My mind was blank this morning, so it took me walking around my apartment this AM before a song popped into my head. It’s been a while since I’ve listened to this record, so it might have been something as mundane as flipping a light switch that triggered a noise that was reminiscent of the opening to this song.


Behold... The Arctopus - Horrorscension

Avantgarde Metal, Brutal Prog, Mathcore, Progressive Metal


Unlistenably bad technical wankery with no redeeming qualities. Sure, these guys are great at their instruments, but when the songs are this cobbled together and pointless, what does that amount to aside from wasted talent?


Random Start: Cult Leader - “The Sorrower”

I love all of Lightless Walk. It’s becoming one of my most listened to heavy records ever and this is my favorite track off of it. 6 more words


Random Start: DSGNS - “Trashfire”

I’m not sure how I heard about DSGNS, but I think probably a year passed before I found out one of their members was briefly in Spitfire. 14 more words


I Woke Up Like This: Fero Lux - “No Headline”

Even after a night involving a roller skating playlist and a dive bar blasting nothing but classics from the 60s and 70s, the lone Fero Lux song I heard this weekend is what got stuck in my head this morning.


Album Review: You Win Again Gravity's excellent debut Anonymity

Last month we introduced you to the intriguing delights of Windsor rockers You Win Again Gravity as our New Band of the Week, in which we revealed their debut album… 956 more words