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March Madness: KNUT - "Challenger"

Geneva Switzerland’s Knut (pronounced CA-NOOT, the Russian word for “whip”, thanks Wikipedia) were one of those bands that I always loved, but for a long time whenever I brought them up, no one else seemed to know who they were.   657 more words

March Madness: PSYOPUS – 'Our Puzzling Encounters Considered'

When I saw Psyopus live for the first time, I had absolutely no idea what I was getting myself into. Someone told me they were a mathcore band from upstate New York, but I hadn’t taken the time to check them out before watching them open for Misery Index in 2007. 480 more words


March Madness: ME AND HIM CALL IT US - "Loss"

Written by Christian Segerstrom

Me and Him Call It Us’ 2006 classic album “Loss” was a significant improvement from their earlier work, in terms of both song writing and production, leaving a lasting impression on the underground scene. 315 more words


March Madness: NORMA JEAN- 'O'God: The Aftermath'

I was in college again, and the “whatever-core” mentality was in full effect throughout most of it. One of the things was Christian-core, who had great bands like… 729 more words


March Madness: INTO THE MOAT - "The Design"

A little more than ten years ago I went on a trip with a friend. We drove with his dad to northern Louisiana and stayed at a hotel while his dad conducted business. 262 more words


Review: SLOTH HERDER - "No Pity, No Sunrise"

After tweaking and fortifying it since 2012, Sloth Herder‘s venomous sound becomes fully actualized on the band’s debut LP, aptly titled No Pity, No Sunrise… 391 more words