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What Greece Has Been Hiding From Us

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Greece has been holding out on us. A shocking article on Wonderbox Metal revealed the truth just days ago: that while the rest of us make do with middling local punk bands, Greece’s hardcore scene has some sick talent, in the form of Athens band Blame Kandinsky. 258 more words


Here's a new vid for you all!

Hello everyone!

I’m starting to become a little bit rubbish at updating my website so, from this day forth, I’m going to do it more often! 148 more words

Murdock - 'Dead Lung' [Review]

If it takes 3o years for a genre to be considered “Classic,” then mathcore is more than halfway to grey-hair territory. Considering that Calculating Infinity… 305 more words


Album Review: Oceans Ate Alaska - Lost Isles

I have a somewhat rocky history with this band, despite having only been aware of their existence for about 4-5 months now. They’ve hardly done all too much to distinguish themselves from the seething mass of other bands comprised solely of emaciated teenage boys who sweat hairspray and shit expensive pro-tools guitar plugins. 716 more words

Album Review

Atoj - Atoj (Review)

Atoj are from Italy. This is their latest EP and they play Hardcore.

Atoj’s music is a combination of abrasive Hardcore and 90’s Mathcore. It’s a gritty and dirty EP that showcases a band who have found a sound they’re comfortable with. 104 more words


Female Fronted Rockbands Week: Nightmare Noise Edition

Cover the kids’ ears. Maths rock is coming. Actually you may want to cover your own ears too. Its the very definition of an acquired taste. 251 more words


0011. iwrestledabearonce - It's All Happening [2009]

I don’t have any particularly notable anecdotes with which I could introduce this album.  I just randomly heard about these guys from a friend in college.   635 more words

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