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S A F E W O R D S Debut "444" Video

Michigan mathcore quartet S a f e w o r d s recently debuted the official video for their track “444”, which will appear on the group’s debut album that is slated to be released next month. 45 more words


EP Review: Pregnant Whale Pain - Blank

Blank is an EP from a Hungarian mathcore act Pregnant Whale Pain, released independently in January.

The EP kicks off with “How to Ruin Her Makeup,” which is arguably the most technically mind-blowing number on the EP, although there are quite a few of these throughout the release. 101 more words


I Woke Up Like This: The Dillinger Escape Plan - “Wanting Not so Much to as To”

Every time I listen to the new Dillinger record a different song (than the previous one that got stuck in my head) gets stuck in my head the next day. 11 more words


I Woke Up Like This: Employed to Serve - “Greyer Than You Remember”

Employed to Serve debuted a new track from their upcoming album last night (which you can hear here), so I guess that’s why this title track from their last record (which is phenomenal) got stuck in my head this morning.


The Dillinger Escape Plan: Dissociation Tour 25/01/17

It’s hard to not be excited heading into your first Dillinger gig. Any band with a “crazy moments” tour compilation on youtube and Dillinger’s musical energy has to be good live.  780 more words


Belial - Nihil Est

Belial are a UK based Godless scourge, so you might like them. This technical death metal band are releasing double EP Nihil Est on 27th January via Siege Records, Their title means “There is nothing”, which I’m assuming has something to do with their proclaimed Godlessness. 722 more words


Boris The Blade - Warpath

Boris the Blade release Warpath on 27th January. Named after Snatch’s arms dealing gangster, you probably get that your not going to be hearing romantic odes to Florence Fanny or whoever. 676 more words