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Noise Trail Immersion – s\t EP (Italy, 2014)

Noise Trail Immersion are a 5-piece Italian mathcore band from Turin, offering a dark, frantic 8-string chaotic experience to our ears.
This self-titled EP was their debut, and while waiting for their first LP to come out in the near future I thought this first creation was interesting enough to be brought to your attention. 530 more words


Review #83: Rolo Tomassi - Grievances

Artist – Rolo
Tomassi Album – Grievances

Check it out – https://open.spotify.com/album/2akK4UAXuwYGZtK97hs8XG

Rolo Tomassi are a Mathcore band from Sheffield, UK. The band consists of Eva Spence – vocals, James Spence – vocals/synth, Chris Cayford – guitar, Nathan Fairweather – bass and Tom Pitts – drums. 330 more words


Records You Should Listen To: Rolo Tomassi "Grievances"

Plenty of people would still consider Rolo Tomassi a “new band”. But they’ve been at it for over a decade. That’s longer than most of us have had anything resembling a discerning music taste not based on hype and our friends thoughts. 279 more words


The Crinn Are Better Than What You're Listening To Right Now

Something strange has been happening to mathcore lately. Or at least  the public perception of it. It seems the most well-known mathcore bands now are those that temper their sound with passages of calm and big choruses. 418 more words


Rolo Tomassi: Grievances - review

Formed in Stockbridge 10 years ago when lead singer Eva Spence was just 14 years old, Rolo Tomassi have spent the last decade becoming critical darlings thanks to their intense mathcore blend of metal, shoegaze and jazz, even as commercial success has continued to elude them. 389 more words


The Dillinger Escape Plan - One of Us Is the Killer

New Jersey heavy metal group The Dillinger Escape Plan is one of the pioneers1 of the “mathcore” genre: a style of metalcore that features oft-changing time signatures and dissonance with stylistic similarities to grindcore and jazz fusion. 493 more words


New Rolo Tomassi Album! (Excited Squeal)

Grandeur, thy name is Rolo Tomassi. Well, I guess it’s actually grandeur. But right now, listening to their new album, it feels like Rolo Tomassi is a damn good substitute. 191 more words