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Album Review: Dead Lung by Murdock

Guest Reviewer: Matt Dickinson

Irish trio Murdock have released their debut album entitled Dead Lung (Basick Records). This three piece fuse together a range of styles, from mathcore to punk to metal all knitted together with ferocious energy. 361 more words


Deep Creeps - Crown Gall

(Self-Released, 2014)

I really have no clue about how life in Boise, Idaho is, but there must something profoundly twisted going on over there (consensually or unconsciously) if it makes dudes create stuff like this. 303 more words


The Safety Fire - Mouth of Swords

On the ever constant search for new music, I found this next band because Last.fm suggested I might like them (They were right). I found this band last year, but cannot get enough of their latest album. 749 more words

Progressive Metal

Artist Feature/Mini Review: Tricot

Rock is in a weird sort of place at the moment. Bands are trying to increasingly mold their sound after radio trends in order to get the airplay necessary to sustain a career, and the ones that aren’t are usually too far off the map to ever be considered by the vast majority of listeners. 644 more words

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2015/01/26 La 100ème de Mora Mora : MOMBU + GRüPPE + MIRLèS @ Le 108

Bientôt 100 concerts dans les pattes, ça commence à faire !
On est super content et on a décidé de fêter ça avec 4 groupes dont un qui nous plaît plus particulièrement, il s’agit de MOMBU ! 1,187 more words


New Music: Erase it All by iwrestledabearonce (feat. Eddie Hermida of Suicide Silence)

iwrestledabearonce are an interesting band, and not just because of their standout name. Their style of chaotic, math metal inspired female fronted metalcore has made them one of the weirder and heavier bands in the genre, and I think that heaviness has peaked with their newest song, which features one of the best deathcore vocalists around with… 239 more words


What Greece Has Been Hiding From Us

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Greece has been holding out on us. A shocking article on Wonderbox Metal revealed the truth just days ago: that while the rest of us make do with middling local punk bands, Greece’s hardcore scene has some sick talent, in the form of Athens band Blame Kandinsky. 258 more words