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TIGER FLOWERS Detail Forthcoming EP "The Vicious Heart"

Brooklyn hardcore/mathcore outfit Tiger Flowers have released the details surrounding their upcoming EP. The EP, which follows their 2014 Dead Hymns full-length, will be titled… 160 more words


Random Start: Blues - “Bruiser King”

Terribly underrated tech metalcore band from Arizona. Self-described as “Botch-n-roll”, Blues’ Snakepit is a fantastically consistent album with heavy grooves, thoughtful lyrics, and one of the best bass tones I’ve ever heard put to record. 13 more words


Random Start: Imbroglio - “Declared”

Dark, dissonant, sludgy metallic hardcore. Not only the best song on the album, but my favorite song by this band.


Random Start: Zao - “A Well-Intentioned Virus”

For the longest time all Zao was to me was “Ravage Ritual”. I listened to Where Blood and Fire Bring Rest found one track I liked and disregarded their entire catalog from then on out. 43 more words


I Woke Up Like This: Employed to Serve - “No One’s Perfect, This Includes You”

When I started posting songs that were stuck in my head as soon as I woke up I thought it would normally be silly shit like the time I couldn’t get that awful MC Hammer song out of my head. 55 more words


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Had this song stuck in my head again because I knew Employed to Serve would be streaming their new record today and I'm excited. However, I'm also nervous as the first 3 singles they have released have me thinking that it's just going to be the British version of Forever by Code Orange. Guess we'll just have to find out. Stream The Warmth of a Dying Sun here or here.

Interview: MARY TODD

Complex, unpredictable, noisy and bit on the zany side, Mary Todd’s music is perfect for the lover of unconventional, grinding mayhem and the ADD-stricken individual. This New York trio takes a page from the early-mid 2000s wave of spastic, experimental grindcore and molds it into their own modern blend of ear-splitting chaos. 1,691 more words


Random Start: Bungler - “Closet Confident”

Every Friday I check out the metalsucks Shit That Comes Out Today list and look up every band I’ve never heard of on Spotify. If I notice a band on their Related Artists then I’ll give at least one song a spin. 40 more words