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Logic Wall Problem Answers

Below are the answers to the logic wall problems #1-#10

#1) – Special Date (1/4/16)

Solutions: multiply by 4 each time; all square roots; 1 and 4 are both factors of 16; 4^0=1; 4^1=4; 4^2=16… 76 more words


3D Figures to Probability

This past week, the students discovered how to find the volume and surface area for multiple types of 3D figures. They determined the volume for prisms, cylinders, pyramids, cones, and spheres. 119 more words


Graphing Unit

This week the students learned how to graph linear equations and inequalities. They completed many graphs both at home and in the classroom. Next week, the students will be having their test covering graphing. 77 more words


Start of Second Semester

It has been great seeing everyone after break. We started working with the coordinate plane this week and will continue graphing linear equations next week. As we are graphing multiple equations on each assignment it is helpful for the students to have graph paper to make the coordinate planes easier to draw. 29 more words


Finals Week

This past week, we finished up working with percents including commission, royalty, and discount problems as well as interest problems. The students also received their final review packet and started working on it in class. 51 more words


Percent Applications

This past week, we have working with percentages. Recently the students learned how to find percent increases and percent decreases and where those can be found out of the classroom. 114 more words


Ratios and Percents

I hope everyone had a good long weekend! Last week was a short week including the students taking a test on Monday and presenting their projects on Wednesday. 81 more words