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the ontology of number systems

number systems are based on human perception of quantity

they formalise natural, pre-existing quantitative relationships into symbolic language

they do not constitute quantitative relationships

quantitative relationships are natural laws

Number Theory

Is Higgs alone?

I am back after the announcement by CERN of the restart of LHC. On May this year we will have also the first collisions. This is great news and we hope for the best and the best here is just the breaking of the Standard Model. 573 more words


Dorje Brody: quantum mechanics meets mathematical finance

Often, the study of the natural world reveals unexpected connections between seemingly disparate topics, and researchers can find themselves working in an area very far removed from their usual work. 825 more words


Numerical Solution of the Falkner - Skan Equation

Falkner – Skan equation is a third order non-linear ordinary differential equation which arises in the laminar boundary layer flow past wedge-like objects. (More details… 1,048 more words

Mathematical Physics

numbers and quantities

Quantities are not a human invention.

Early humans saw that things existed in various quantities, and named the various quantities.

When a single thing of a class of things – whether it’s pebbles, people, protons, pears or any other class of physical object – humans name that quantity ‘one’. 529 more words

Number Theory

Cosmological black holes and white holes with time-dependent mass [CL]


We consider the causal structure of generalized uncharged McVittie spacetimes with increasing central mass $m (t)$ and positive Hubble factor $H (t)$. Under physically reasonable conditions, namely, a big bang singularity in the past, a positive cosmological constant and an upper limit to the central mass, we prove that the patch of the spacetime described by the cosmological time and areal radius coordinates is always geodesically incomplete, which implies the presence of event horizons in the spacetime. 67 more words

Cosmology And Nongalactic Astrophysics