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Resolution of the idenity

If we have a discrete spectrum of orthonormal basis vectors then the resolution of the identity is given by:

And if we have a continuous spectrum then the resolution of the identity is given by: 11 more words

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On the theory and applications of modern cosmography [CL]


Cosmography represents an important branch of cosmology which aims to describe the universe without the need of postulating \emph{a priori} any particular cosmological model. All quantities of interest are expanded as a Taylor series around here and now, providing in principle, a way of directly matching with cosmological data. 189 more words

Cosmology And Nongalactic Astrophysics

Newton's Not Make-4th Laws of Motions

4th Law-every objects tend to be elastic with respect to its rest position and its initial motion…Since seventeen centuries we have learned about Newton’s Three laws of Motions. 62 more words


Convection-driven kinematic dynamos at low Rossby and magnetic Prandtl numbers: single mode solutions [CL]


The onset of dynamo action is investigated within the context of a newly developed low Rossby, low magnetic Prandtl number, convection-driven dynamo model. The model represents an asymptotically exact form of an $\alpha^2$ mean field dynamo model in which the small-scale convection is represented explicitly by the finite amplitude, single mode convective solutions first investigated by Bassom and Zhang (Geophys.~Astrophys.~Fluid Dyn., \textbf{76}, p.223, 1994). 151 more words


Generalized Functions in Mathematical Physics - Vladimirov

In this post we will see the book Generalized Functions in Mathematical Physics by V. S. Vladimirov.

About the book:

… modern mathematical physics makes extensive use of the latest attainments of  mathematics, one of which is the theory of generalized functions.

82 more words

Sterm-Liouville equation

A linear operator that takes the form:

Restricted to functions satisfying the boundary condition:

(note that other (less stringent) boundary conditions can be applied).
The SL eigenvalue problem is the following: 10 more words

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Special issue on mathematics for the fluid Earth: first papers are in

Guest Editors for the issue are Tobias Kuna at Reading University and Sandro Vaienti at Aix-Marseille University – we would like to thank them for their hard work to bring the issue together. 194 more words

Journal Of Physics A: Mathematical And Theoretical