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Iddo Eliazar interview: random path to stochastic modelling of complex systems

Iddo Eliazar is a research scientist at the Smart Device Innovation Science Team of INTEL’s New Business Group. Iddo specializes in the stochastic modeling of complex systems. 1,054 more words


conservation of energy

the law of conservation of energy is precisely described in mathematics


where ‘a’ is anything

Number Theory

Image of the week: Alice and Bob - dead or alive?

This week’s Image of the week Alice and Bob face off in a deadly duel which one of them might not survive.  Luckily, this is nothing as morbid as a real duel – Alice and Bob are the classic protagonists of a myriad of quantum situations, and the duel they are engaged is a duel… 268 more words

Image Of The Week

Lorenza Viola interview: journey into quantum information theory

Lorenza Viola is a Professor of Physics and the Director of the Quantum Information Science Initiative at Dartmouth. She is a theoretical physicist specialising in quantum information processing and quantum statistical mechanics, and a 2014 Fellow of the American Physical Society. 1,290 more words


Multiscale functions, Scale dynamics and Applications to partial differential equations [CL]


Modeling phenomena from experimental data, always begin with a \emph{choice of hypothesis} on the observed dynamics such as \emph{determinism}, \emph{randomness}, \emph{derivability} etc. Depending on these choices, different behaviors can be observed. 179 more words


Higgs even more standard

LHCP 2015 is going on at St. Peterburg and new results were presented by the two main collaborations at CERN. CMS and ATLAS combined the results from run 1 and improved the quality of the measured data of the Higgs particle discovered on 2012. 322 more words