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Towards an analytical theory of the third-body problem for highly elliptical orbits [EPA]


When dealing with satellites orbiting a central body on a highly elliptical orbit, it is necessary to consider the effect of gravitational perturbations due to external bodies. 246 more words

Earth And Planetary Astrophysics

Image of the week: getting in a tangle

Today’s image of the week shows a simulation of a knotted tube.  Modelling twisting and knots like this is useful for simulating the behaviour of large molecules, cables and even the behaviour of magnetic flux lines in stars. 121 more words

Image Of The Week

Finite Conformal Quantum Gravity and Nonsingular Spacetimes [CL]


We explicitly prove that a class of finite quantum gravitational theories (in odd as well as in even dimension) is actually a range of anomaly-free conformally invariant theories in the spontaneously broken phase of the conformal Weyl symmetry. 147 more words

Cosmology And Nongalactic Astrophysics

Symmetry Reduced Loop Quantum Gravity: A Bird's Eye View [CL]


This is a brief overview of the current status of symmetry reduced models in Loop Quantum Gravity. The goal is to provide an introduction to other more specialized and detailed reviews that follow. 44 more words

Cosmology And Nongalactic Astrophysics

Gaussian Integral

Guassian Integral

Consider the integral with

This above defined integral is named as Gaussian Integral.

The graph of function (Gaussain Function)

The integration from x = -∞ to x = ∞ is actually area of the above curve fillings downward to whole x axis. 97 more words

Applied Mathematics

Theoretical tiger chases statistical sheep to probe immune system behaviour

Studying the way that solitary hunters such as tigers, bears or sea turtles chase down their prey turns out to be very useful in understanding the interaction between individual white blood cells and colonies of bacteria. 469 more words