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Christopher Long's fun generalization of an Expii problem

Twitter is really great place to see fun math. Before showing the fun generalization, though, just to avoid spoilers I want to show the original problem. 538 more words

Algorithm Design Workshop: Day 2 (April 2nd 2017)

How would you feel if you were to work on one single Math problem for two hours at a stretch? Most people would never even dare to think about it. 1,173 more words


Number combinations - Readilearn

Mathematics is all around us. We use it every day for a wide range of purposes; from deciding on the sequence in which we dress ourselves, to calculating how much time we have available for an activity. 175 more words


MathThink rides again

It’s been two years since I last wrote a post to this blog. Originally, that hiatus came about because other issues took most of my time, and besides, my… 805 more words

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How do you know?

Being able to verbalise the steps taken to arrive at an answer or a conclusion is a valuable skill. It is particularly important with mathematical thinking, even at beginning stages. 989 more words


Math Is Everywhere: Know Where to Look

These scenarios might seem familiar to you:

  • A 1-year-old tugs at her mother’s leg, demanding, “Up! Up!”
  • A group of 3-year-olds receive unequal amounts of cookies, prompting them to emphatically point out who has the most.
  • 1,062 more words
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