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How to Help Students Construct & Critique Arguments: Exploring SMP 3

Math Practice Standard 3: Construct Viable Arguments and Critique the Reasoning of Others

The third standard for Mathematical Practice emphasizes the importance for students to be able to share their reasoning as they justify their answer and assess the validity of others’ arguments. 1,216 more words

Digging Into The Standards

Sharing a new result about the Cantor set with kids

Earlier in the week I saw a tweet announcing a new (and really cool!) result about the Cantor set:

I'm told that the last 2 tweet's link goes to my email (!), so I'll try this: THEOREM (with J S Athreya & J T Tyson): Every x in can be written as (u^2)v, where u, v are in the…

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Developing Students as Powerful Mathematical Thinkers

What do you value? The beliefs, messages, and behaviors that you value work together to create classroom culture. If you value dispositions, such as the ability to be reflective, collaborative, or imaginative, then you will provide multiple opportunities for students to develop these dispositions, so that they become ingrained, or enculturated, into your classroom. 721 more words

A Remarkable Read: Well Played Series

Check out this great math teaching resource!

Well Played: Building Mathematical Thinking Through Games and Puzzles

In this K-8 series, written by Linda Dacey, Karen Gartland, and Jayne Bamford Lynch, there are three separate titles that move through the grades to focus on that grade span’s mathematical content. 204 more words

Mathematical Thinking

Internet support for finding teachers/lessons with the goal of understanding some aspect of mathematical thinking well enough to explain to others

Untested draft of method that represents
a) an extension of mathematical thinking (provisionally defined here);
b) follows the premise that no teacher would be prepared to guide every student in developing their mathematical thinking in the diverse ways that interest different people and… 543 more words


What constitutes mathematical thinking?

What constitutes mathematical thinking?  I am teaching a course on mathematical thinking without defining the term for the students or myself.  I want a working definition to arise from the explorations we undertake during the course. 218 more words


Christopher Long's fun generalization of an Expii problem

Twitter is really great place to see fun math. Before showing the fun generalization, though, just to avoid spoilers I want to show the original problem. 538 more words