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Math Is Everywhere: Know Where to Look

These scenarios might seem familiar to you:

  • A 1-year-old tugs at her mother’s leg, demanding, “Up! Up!”
  • A group of 3-year-olds receive unequal amounts of cookies, prompting them to emphatically point out who has the most.
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Family Engagement

A challenge / plea to math folks

Two interesting math contest related articles this week. First in the Atlantic an article about different participation rates in math contests for girls and for boys: 325 more words

Personalizing Word Problems

Many researchers have looked deeply at the impact of personalization of word problems on student achievement. Bailey notes that students “don’t care how many apples Bob gave to Suzy. 85 more words

Mathematical Thinking

January 24th-30th

I viewed lesson planning as the main focus in our classes throughout this week. The structure of lessons and how to create them was explained in detail. 288 more words

Reflective Professional Development Response Journal

Operational Research - What is it?

This video  production aims to explain what O.R. is through a wide range of case studies and can be used to highlight some ‘real-life’ applications of mathematics. 27 more words


Let Us Teach Guessing. A demonstration with George Polya.

“Finished Mathematics consists of proofs. But Mathematics in the making consists of guesses.”