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What I did in my summer holidays

This post is intended to accomplish several things at once. First and foremost, I want to explain (not just in the post) why I have been interested in Borel determinacy and in the natural proofs barrier. 7,826 more words

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Why I've also joined the good guys

For some months now I have known of a very promising initiative that until recently I have been asked not to publicize too widely, because the people in charge of it did not have a good estimate for when it would actually come to fruition. 987 more words


Why I've joined the bad guys

A few months ago I was alerted by a pingback to the existence of a blog post by Orr Shalit entitled Worse than Elsevier which included the assertion that Terence Tao and I had “joined the bad guys”. 3,897 more words


A new open-access venture from Cambridge University Press

The formal launch has just taken place at the European Congress of Mathematicians in Krakow of the Forum of Mathematics, which to a first approximation is a new open-access electronic journal. 4,040 more words

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What's wrong with electronic journals?

It probably sounds disingenuous of me to say this, but when I sat down to write a post about Elsevier I wasn’t really trying to start a campaign. 3,410 more words

Mathematics On The Internet

A more modest proposal

In my previous post I suggested a way in which an online system of submitting and commenting on papers might perhaps work better than our current system of journals, editors and anonymous referees. 3,377 more words

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How might we get to a new model of mathematical publishing?

This is a post I’ve been intending to write for several months, but now seems to be quite a good moment, since the issue is in the air somewhat. 4,514 more words

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