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Grand Prix Multiplication - A need for speed

We are starting a new series called online games to help your learning. The activities will be reviewed by kids, after all they’ll be playing them. 83 more words

Clive Madge

The female mathematician who changed the course of physics—but couldn’t get a job

(Emmy) Noether’s Theorem may be the most important theoretical result in modern physics.


Mathematics in Videogames #1 - Encumbrance in RPGs


Encumbrance, in role playing games, means how much you can carry.  This is usually determined by the weight of the items you are carrying.   263 more words


Several new journals in Diamond Open Access

I have again added some new journals to my list of those in Diamond Open Access (plus some with currently a fee waiver) :


empty space

Is the “empty” space of an atom
different than the “empty”
between the stars?

Did time have to come before light?

Did some
being ever say
“Let there be mathematics!”?


First Grade Math Revision Round-up

English Class first graders reviewed a year’s worth of learning today when they participated in a round-up of mathematics that was comprised of various learning.stations. Working with a partner each pupil practiced solving word problems at one station. 131 more words

Education In Pori, Finland