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1st woman winner of $700k ‘Nobel of mathematics’ credits surprising role model

“With fewer women in public life to look up to in her youth, Uhlenbeck nominates a surprising source of inspiration — a popular TV chef and author.” 36 more words


For First Time Ever, a Woman Wins the Abel, the 'Nobel Prize' for Mathematics

Dr. Karen Uhlenbeck won the 2019 Abel Prize Tuesday—becoming the first woman to ever receive the prestigious award, which is often referred to as the Nobel Prize of mathematics. 331 more words


Buns Galore

We have introduced a Bun Making Station in Garnet Class. The children were given a recipe and were shown how to read it. Then they were encouraged to make buns independently. 73 more words

Let Me Tell You How Interesting March Madness Could Possibly Be

I read something alarming in the daily “Best of GoComics” e-mail this morning. It was a panel of Dave Whamond’s Reality Check. It’s a panel comic, although it stands out from the pack by having a squirrel character in the margins. 692 more words


Irrationals are the true rationals!

Do not body-shame numbers! Certainly one of the social
stigma that has to be suppressed is the body shaming. Are certain numbers
offended? If yes, what might be the mathematical equivalence of body shaming? 569 more words

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