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Learning General Relativity

Math blogger Joseph Nebus does another A – Z series of posts, explaining technical terms in mathematics. He asked readers for their favorite pick of things to be covered in this series, and I came up with… 1,121 more words

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Heading for High GCSE Grades

Following on from my previous posts on marking GCSE mock examinations, GCSE Mathematics – Marking Mock Examinations and GCSE Mathematics, one of the tasks on my To Do List is to write helpful reports for Year 11. 571 more words


On Math Jokes (with a new re-telling of my favorite one, about a balloon race)

Math jokes are almost universally awful — or, at least, it seems that way to me, since I spend a lot of time around ninth graders. 376 more words


Absolute Maximum

The highest point over the entire domain of a function or relation.

Note: The first derivative test and the second derivative test are common methods used to find maximum values of a function. 16 more words



In Presheaves, we discussed functions “living on” the open subsets of a topological space. In particular, we discussed an example of “opposite” or “contravariant” behavior of the sets of functions on the open subsets of a topological space. 1,098 more words


Permutation and Combination - Class XI - Exercise 7.4

  1. If nC8 = nC2. find nC2


We know that, nCa = nCb then a = b or n = a + b


nC8 = nC2, since 8≠2 , we have 8 + 2 = 10… 660 more words