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Imagination and Mathematics: A Tale about Knowledge - 1/4

There are no limits to imagination.

Consider an apple falling from a tree. What presses or draws the apple downwards? Gravity, you say. Well, imagine gravity then. 811 more words


Maths H.W (6/5/15)

Dear Learners,

Complete Ex. 3.1 in NB1 and do write the properties with examples (your own) in NB1.


Origamic Architecture

This project opened my eyes to a whole new craft. While the project was centered around the mathematics of it all, the 12 year-old me just couldn’t get enough of the pop-up creations. 27 more words


Packing Problem - Part 1

Check out the following packing problem. I would love to hear your thoughts on it, I will also follow-up with more about it in a later post! 131 more words


Achieving Real Progress

There is a remarkable principle of discovery and advancement in mathematics and science, namely, the constructive doubting of some traditional beliefs. When Einstein was asked how he came to invent the theory of relativity, he replied, “By challenging an axiom.” Lobachevsky and Bolyai challenged Euclid’s axiom of parallels; Hamilton and Cayley challenged the axiom that multiplication is commutative; 136 more words