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Weird and slightly alarming – the chaos game

by Matthew Cobb

This video from the excellent Numberphile YouTube channel shows a very simple game that has the most unexpected outcome. My only criticism of this video is that I’d like to be shown the explanation, even if it’s complicated! Maybe readers can help me.


KITP Conference Retrospective

I’m back from the conference in Santa Barbara, and I thought I’d share a few things I found interesting. (For my non-physicist readers: I know it’s been a bit more technical than usual recently, I promise I’ll get back to some general audience stuff soon!) 1,188 more words

Quantum Field Theory

The Quantum Leap

The world of physics and engineering is about to make a quantum leap as IBM prepares to launch the first commercially available quantum computer in the cloud. 24 more words


Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem

One of the most important characteristics of mathematics that sets it apart from any other subject is its precision and objective nature. It deals with the absolute truth of things and inst prone to biases. 756 more words


4. Greek Philosophy and Mathematics

I find the Greeks surprising: they developed a system of thought that was completely different from polytheism while they were still a polytheistic society.

In faith-based societies, life is governed by fate and magic. 612 more words


Maths HW 28/04/2017

Dear Learner

Complete these sums in NB2 and Show it on 1/05/2017.


Maulik Trivedi


Welcome to the Mini beast Laboratory...

There are some new scientists busy in the mini beast laboratory investigating and identifying mini beasts. They have lots of things to help them with their work including magnifiers and special tongs for picking up dangerous bugs. 17 more words