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How to Spot Whodunnit: Academics Crack Agatha Christie's Code | The Guardian #AgathaChristie #books

Rather than watching brain-numbing reality television this summer, I am determined to watch all 13 series of Agatha Christie’s Poroit TV series starring David Suchet. Just finished Series 6 and will be picking up Series 7 & 8 from my local library today. 171 more words


How to bake Pi by Eugenia Chang 

“I just read a book about math”; this is a sentence that I never expected to be using. I don’t really “do” math, and by that I mean I wasn’t very good at it and it drove me crazy that I could never figure out what circumstance I would need to understand or use Pythagorean Theorem, which I have probably just spelled incorrectly. 368 more words

Reviewsday Tuesday

sleeping house, the last morning

For a week, our house has been full. Three children, their partners, a baby. Some mornings I woke, excited, and wondered why, having forgotten in my sleep that they were all here. 792 more words