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Further october 2016 items

In no particular order :

  • the laureate of the ENS-Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Chair at ÉNS is Dmitry Chelkak
  • some recent videos at Collège de France : the beginnings both of…
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Primary Mathematics: Making the Most of Technology to Assess Student Learning

As the school year rapidly draws to a close, many teachers are beginning the task of reporting student achievement. For some, there may be a scramble to collect assessment data, and often, due to a sense of panic, teachers revert to pen and paper testing to gain a snapshot of their students’ ability measured against syllabus outcomes…one of the main reasons students develop a dislike of mathematics in the first place. 456 more words


Fermat numbers

Two previous posts (here and here) present an alternative proof that there are infinitely many prime numbers using the Fermat numbers. Specifically, the proof is accomplished by pointing out that the prime factors of the Fermat numbers form an infinite set. 1,888 more words


Dividing By Zero With The 'Facit ESA-01'

Infinity is not a real number. It’s a concept. In Calculus class I learned about upper bounds and lower bounds; limits. Infinity is a big deal in Maths because it’s a big deal in reality – Sort of. 307 more words

No Brainer

Conway's Cosmogram

More math art here, by Bronna A. Butler. (Hat tip: Cliff Pickover.)


Horner's Method

It’s not like evaluating polynomial is something that comes up that frequently in the average programmer’s day. In fact, almost never, but it brings up a number of interesting questions, such as, how do we evaluate it very efficiently and how much of a simplification in the computation is actually a simplification? 215 more words


Reading the Comics, October 22, 2016: The Jokes You Can Make About Fractions Edition

Last week had a whole bundle and a half of mathematically-themed comics so let me finish off the set. Also let me refresh my appeal for… 814 more words