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Math is innate?

I’m pleased to present yet another sterling scientist who’s deeply passionate about the growth mindset in mathematics, or in any other challenging endeavour where brainpower is key. 355 more words


Solving linear differential equations: Integrating factors

Recall that long ago, I had to temporarily terminate the Linear Algebra series. This was because the course required some prerequisite knowledge, more specifically: differential equations. 466 more words


Diagnostic Examination Questions

Just a short post to capture the links to Craig Barton’s and Simon Woodhead’s excellent question collections of examination questions on their Diagnostic questions site… 145 more words


Advanced Knowledge Problem of the Week 5-19-16  In this video,...

Advanced Knowledge Problem of the Week 5-19-16 

In this video, Chloe explains how to prove that the intersection of two subsets of V is also a subset of V.

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Math is hard. But...

Do you fear math? Is mathematical anxiety holding you back? Convinced that mathematical abilities are genetic? If these questions ring a bell then you should listen to this math undergraduate. 19 more words


Linear Diophantine Equations

Diophantus, often called the “the father of Algebra” lived in Alexandria in the 3rd century. There is practically nothing known about him except the above facts, whether he was Greek or Egyptian, or when he died, yet we do know his age! 1,373 more words


Why Stuff Can Orbit, Part 2: Why Stuff Can't Orbit


As I threatened last week, I want to talk some about central forces. They’re forces in which one particle attracts another with a force that depends only on how far apart the two are. 1,870 more words