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Data Journalist Interview

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What is a data journalist? If you ask Ryan Struyk, data reporter and mobile producer at CNN Politics, it’s someone who can turn a data set into breaking news. 781 more words

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What's Going On In Gasoline Alley? Why Is 'Peggy Lee' In It? July - October 2018

If you’re looking for the latest story developments in Jim Scancarelli’s Gasoline Alley, thanks for thinking of me. If you’re reading this after about January 2019, there’s probably a more recent article for you. 1,610 more words


Reading the Comics, October 11, 2018: Under Weather Edition

I ended up not finding more comics on-topic on GoComics yesterday. So this past week’s mathematically-themed strips should fit into two posts well. I apologize for any loss of coherence in this essay, as I’m getting a bit of a cold. 1,291 more words


Fibonacci-like sequences on the Primes

For two primes x and y we define xy = max Π(x+y), where Π(k):={ prime factors of  … 373 more words


de Finetti's theorem及其应用

因为发现中文世界里没有好的徳芬涅定理的解释,所以想写一篇文章用中文总结一下de Finetti’s Theorem,以及稍微引述一下它在自然语言处理领域的应用。



A Compound of the Great Stellated Dodecahedron and the Great Dodecahedron

In the picture above, each component of this compound has its own color. In the one below, each set of parallel faces is given a color of its own. 16 more words


Notes on a mathematical interpretation of the opening of Hegel's Science of Logic

Football manager Jose Mourinho expresses his disdain for those that haven’t read Hegel.

A turn to Hegel is often a palliative when troublesome reality upsets the relationship between our theory and practice, whether that be losing football matches or losing members from your preferred revolutionary party. 9,543 more words