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About zero and empty set

If zero (0) is added to any real number a, as a result we get a: a + 0 = a. What now was added to a? 266 more words


Late april items

In no particular order :

  • the latest issue of Gazette de Mathematiciens has just appeared, it  includes an introduction to the Berkovich line by Jérôme Poineau, and also part of an exchange between Alice Jacquet and Claire Mathieu on the work of the latter and her collaborators on the emergence of a glass ceiling in social networks (
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Dear learners,

On wednesday you all will have  a internal assessment (subjective)  of maths based on unit 1 (Real number) .Prepare  well and come.Wishing you all the best for test.

With regards,

Asha Joshi

The man who knew infinity bored me to infinity ... Phew.

Cast : Dev Patel , Jeremy Irons , Devika Bhise .

Direction : Matt Brown .

Plot : S.Ramanajun was an ill educated maths whiz . 291 more words


Problem of the Week 4-19-16  In this Problem of the Week video,...

Problem of the Week 4-19-16 

In this Problem of the Week video, Chloe explains how to perform a u-substitution to simplify the integrand in a given integral.

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A degree in applied mathematics combines classes on general mathematics with special mathematical models and formulas used in fields of engineering, science, medicine and business. This often prepares students for more specialized work in a variety of fields. 1,231 more words

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