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During my research on various theorem provers, today I stumbled upon Metamath.

To me, what was interesting about it was its simplicity. You start by defining a… 606 more words


Math Hats

We’ll return to travel-related anecdotes shortly, but this was too important not to share.

So I’m married to a mathematician, and have spent the past 10 or so years hearing all about the great numbersmiths of yore and nodding along politely. 380 more words


twisted 2-step verification TOTP script

TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password) is commonly used to grant access to internet resources in addition to common user and password.

TOTP is used primarily with Google Authenticator mobile app. 405 more words


Old Math, New Math

Mathematics leads in many directions and to many seemingly strange ideas. If the mathematics behind discoveries is consistent, the ideas are usually portals to new mathematical breakthroughs. 467 more words


Konigsberg Bridge: An Example of Graph Theory

We often experience of seeing islands on rivers; at the middle of a big river. The stream comes from one direction and gets divided by the island. 723 more words