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GNU Octave -- the baby steps

After years of sticking with Maxima, finally I took the step to go with the Matlab-like environment of GNU Octave. I would have taken the steps earlier, while I had been tinkering with the basic Machine Learning courses, but I had a little bit of disillusionment with the future of ML, and I instead started playing with the OS instead. 310 more words


Lifehacker: Use Wolfram Alpha to Conceptualize Giant Numbers

Lifehacker: Use Wolfram Alpha to Conceptualize Giant Numbers. “Our monkey brains didn’t evolve to understand big numbers without some help. So when you run into an abstract figure, it’s good to have some real-world thing to compare it to. 50 more words

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Covariance Matrix of Permuted Vector

This is a simple and beautiful relationship.  I couldn’t find it easily online, so I thought I would share it in this blog post.  In this discussion, represents conjugate transpose and represents transpose. 102 more words

Mary Jackson: A Pioneer Both in Research and Ending Discrimination at NASA

Mary Jackson, born in 1921, was an African-American mathematician who rose to the position of NASA’s first black female engineer. She had earned double-major bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and physical science in 1942, but worked as a schoolteacher, bookkeeper, and clerk for nearly the next decade before being recruited in 1951 to the gender and color-segregated “human computer” department by NACA, NASA’s predecessor as an aerospace agency. 315 more words


Quick Introduction

Hello everyone! Firstly, I want to talk about why I chose this header. “Déspaysement” is a French name that means feeling that comes from not being in one’s home country. 138 more words


Revisiting Old Friends........

I desperately need to get some structure to my day. I’ve been spending far too much time watching videos on YouTube and my brain is stagnating. 223 more words