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Mathematical Miscellany #27

From Access Maths, a brilliant selection of 90 Algebra Questions, Progressive Overload-Algebra is ideal for revision.

New Revision Resource!!

PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD – All things algebra 🤓🤟

528 more words

Euler's Four-square Identity

Here’s a nice little math identity that mathematician Leonard Euler wrote down in a letter dated 1748. It states that the product of two numbers that are sums of four squares is itself the sum of four squares. 64 more words


Flower Geometry 10. Lily of the Incas

Alstroemerias aka – Peruvian lily, lily of the Incas.

From seed to flower: 6 tepals, 6 stamens, three lobes, three valves. Beauty in numbers! Did Inca architects use its genus template to build the walls in Cuzco? 31 more words


Monopoly: The Math Edition

Experiencing the challenge of seizing the best property and prices and simultaneously testing the knowledge of mathematics. This is exactly what people experienced on 12th January, 2019 while at Lady Shri Ram College. 363 more words


Mathematical Meme Madness Month #7

I could have cropped the face a little better, but bad photoshopping is part of what memes are all about.

Thanks to the Griner family, of course.


Searching Algorithms & Robotics

This week our 1/2 day courses recommenced for the new year. In the junior school I have continued to offer my Steam Station course and we began this week learning about searching algorithms. 296 more words

Standard 5: Design For Learning/Te Hoahoa Akoranga