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Math HW(27.06.17)

Dear Learners,

Complete Q5, 8 & 9 of Ex. 3.5 in NB1.


MATHS HW AS ON 27/6/2017

Complete optional exercise in your notebook/graphbook (as required) and submit it on Thursday.Also, Complete que. no. 2(last word problem) in your notebook and submit it tomorrow.


maths hw as on 27/6/17

Complete ex.3.2 que. no. 3 to 5 in your notebook.


The Trinity in the Koran

I am a Trinitarian monotheist. I worship one God who exists in three hypostases. I have been reading the Koran for the past two or three years and studying it. 4,570 more words


Common Problems Students Encounter When Studying Math

Almost all individuals state that learning math is one of the hardest tasks when studying. Of course, there are numerous formulas individuals need to remember. Apart from that, there are also different branches of mathematics individuals need to understand. 184 more words

Reference And Education

When and why to seek Algebra Help

Every parent aspires that their kids get the best of education and learning for life through that education. But yet, the undisputed fact remains that when it comes to numbers and equations of Algebra, it definitely needs proper attention. 147 more words


Homework as on 27-06-17

Dear Learner,

Here is your today’s H.W.


With Regards,

Charu Soni