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Shameless Self-Promotion

After what seems an agonizingly long time since the first ideas of the book took root, I got the following letter from my publishers (how sweet that sounds!) last week, 1,119 more words


Diversions in Mathematics #2: Hilbert's Hotel

In this instalment, I introduce the concept of infinity in a simple and (hopefully) entertaining way, which puts into practice the counting concepts introduced in the  3,152 more words


Bayes' Rule Explained

You wake up one morning and feel something isn’t right. Your head hurts. You’re aware that recently there’s this virus on the loose that’s causing people to lose their minds and you worry that you might be infected. 343 more words


Linear regression in "The Man who counted"

Recently, I got a book by Brasilian writer  Júlio César de Mello e Souza (published under pen name Malba Tahan), titled The Man who counted… 364 more words

Linear Polynomial

A linear polynomial is the same thing as a degree 1 polynomial.


(i) 1 + x

(ii) x + 10000 etc


On schemes for learning to solve quadratic equations

So I’ve recently been teaching the Math2c course at a swedish upper secodnary school and had some reasons to be thinking about quadratics because that’s like one third of the content of the course. 673 more words