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Basic review: Mathematics

The quant world, in my opinion, consists of four subjects at least: Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science and Finance. Without some domain knowledge of any of the four subjects, quants cannot explore and reveal the underlying patterns of the finance world. 1,149 more words



Here it is.

The final submission for the EdTechTeam Online module.

Can’t help feeling a wave of relief to finally complete the course, but a great feeling of satisfaction too knowing that these 12 weeks have distilled my thoughts more clearly. 48 more words


Find the number of sums that you will get A, when A=100?

Written by: Damodar Rajbhandari

Problem[1]: Take any number , and then, take , where and . Find the number of possible choices for and when ? 139 more words


The Need for Mathematics, Probability, and Statistics

It strains credulity that some people are actually arguing about teaching mathematics.  Mathematics is certainly one of the most supreme accomplishments of the human mind.  People need to both appreciate that and to be able to do some mathematics.  254 more words


Fingers to the Keyboard… “Monty Hall Paradox” Extract

They say things come in threes so here’s a third blog, extracted from my 2014 book Fingers to the Keyboard, on another aspect of mathematics. 648 more words