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Adding Rational Types to the C Programming Language

One of the main problems with the C programming language as opposed to something like Python is that it doesn’t provide any of the convenient amenities that more high-level languages provide in terms of abstract data types. 2,415 more words

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Pakistan In Control In The Test Match


The series opener between England and Pakistan is now into its third day of play. This post looks at developments in that match so far. 940 more words


Creating H-Free Graphs with many edges

In this post, I will talk about an interesting and simple technique one can use to create graphs with many edges but with a forbidden subgraph. 670 more words


Finding the Fibonacci Numbers: The Formula

This is the third post in a series about an exact formula for the Fibonacci numbers, , which are defined by the initial values and the recurrence relation . 949 more words

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A subgroup has equally many left and right cosets



We prove that a subgroup has the same number of left and right cosets.


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