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Day 1: Matthew 1-3

The gospel of Matthew begins with the lineage of Jesus. It set out to prove that Jesus was certainly a Jew and also of the royal lineage of David as prophesied in the scriptures. 264 more words

New Testament In 6 Months

God Loves You

God Created us and he loves us too much. He wants us to be in peace, free from sin etc. So he send His only one son Jesus Christ to this world as a human being and he overcame all the tempt in this world which appears for the every human being and he lived as a sinless life. 163 more words

Mathew 19:14 "Let the Children Come to Me"

One of my favorite scenes out of the gospels is depicted in the book of Mathew. In Mathew 19:14, Jesus summons children who have come to observe and witness Him and learn from Him and just be in His presence. 551 more words


Mathew 4: Lessons from the temptation of Jesus

  1. Know the word. You need to feed on the word of God as you feed on food and drinks – Matthew 4 vs. 4 – …
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Babatope Babalobi

Bible commentary: Matthew 6

Matthew 6 lists the acts of righteousness expected from Christians;

  1. Giving Alms- Alms should be given to the needy secretly to be rewarded by God, not openly to receive the glory of men – …
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Babatope Babalobi

Riley Galloway 3.2

Welcome back! After about two days of writers block, I finally was able to come up with an idea for the chapter. I am also going to mention that there is some language used in this chapter. 805 more words