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Part Thirty Nine

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Part Thirty Nine of You Will Find Your Way
Giselle may or may not have had the answer all along, and Luke may or may not be finally getting closer to the answers he wants.
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Part Thirty Eight

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Part Thirty Eight of You Will Find Your Way
Dallas is really not having the best night.

Dallas makes no attempt to hide her thudding footsteps as she drags her sore and battered body upstairs, winces when, as she steps on the landing, the bed—well, it’s probably the bed—in Giselle’s room slams up against the wall. 1,166 more words


Part Thirty Seven

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Part Thirty Seven of You Will Find Your Way
Dallas need to do better at protecting her arms.

Present Day

Flames sear at the back of Dallas’ hand when she plunges the point of her glowing blade into the neck of the flaming creature that’s trying to take a chunk out of her right side with its dripping claws. 1,168 more words

Original Fiction

Part Thirty Six

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Part Thirty Six of You Will Find Your Way
So, worst date ever, or worst date ever?

“Oh no. No, no, no. 1,241 more words


Part Thirty Five

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Part Thirty Five of You Will Find Your Way
Seriously, Dallas is pretty sure that if she’s going crazy, she would be a little less aware of it.
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Dub Dub

Office view

Office views are awesome. A view over the ocean is unreal!

It gives class

Part Eighteen

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Part Eighteen of You Will Find Your Way
It’s only the first day of classes, but Dallas isn’t going to have any credibility with Giselle’s students. 1,256 more words