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'Zodiac' By Romina Russell Review.

This novel was a whirlpool of emotions. During this novel, I cried, I yelled, I laughed and I was left speechless. ‘Zodiac’ is a stunning, original masterpiece Young adult Sci-Fi Novel. 188 more words

Lansare de carte #3: Alexandra de Anna Vary și Malad de Alexandru Voicescu

Pot spune că am început luna octombrie în forță pentru că în data de 1 a lunii am fost invitată să particip la dubla lansare de carte a… 458 more words


Recenzie: Ultima Vrăjitoare din Transilvania de Anna Vary

Ultima vrăjitoare din Transilvania este „o tânără care nu și-a dorit altceva decât să-și schimbe destinul, un destin potrivinic, să aibă puterea de a fi propria stăpână 1,013 more words

Recenzii Carti

Mathias Cadwell

Mathias was brought into the Cult of Kelemvor at a young age. Having lost his village to a raiding band of orcs, the young lad was quite familiar with death. 370 more words

Dungeons And Dragons

Vienna and Salzburg, from Memory

From Bangkok I flew to Vienna.

I arrived early in the morning and went to the main square to watch the city wake up. I have a feeling it was also because my accommodation didn’t open until later, but not sure. 317 more words

The Final Nights Act 6- Down town Rumble

Hello Listeners Nyxy here getting caught up with the casts, I am currently working on editing the latest two this is Act 6 Downtown Rumble. The family Drake head down to see what they can do about their *Spider problem.* Hijinks ensue. 119 more words

Vampire The Masquerade

The Final nights Act 5- Golconda

Who will survive?

Hello Nyxy here and that is the question of the evening. In this episode after the shocking reveal of just how deep Doc is involved with Vicillis. 286 more words

Vampire The Masquerade