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Part Seven of You Will Find Your Way
With the way she ended up on this world, Dallas is understandably skeptical about returning home. 794 more words


Somewhere Else, In Another Time

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Part Five of You Will Find Your Way
Dallas and Mathias are under attack.

Somewhere Else, In Another Time

Mathias claps her hand on her shoulder, “C’mon,” he says, his dark eyes scanning what is considered a countryside in this weird universe, and Dallas’ glowing blades indicate that there are a bunch of creatures closing in. 583 more words


Mathias Is Quiet

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Part Three of You Will Find Your Way
An abrupt end to Dallas and Mathias’ conversation. Back in the present, Giselle breaks some news to Dallas. 601 more words


Why? How? What?

We are often asked why, how and what in regards to the Mathias Method. This is what we tell them…


Why do you do what you do for the Mathias Method? 266 more words

Mathias Method

In front of them, forks of jagged lightening crack across the reddish sky and Mathias finally moves, runs a hand through his hair, sighs when Dallas purses her lips into a thin line, “You know why I’m here-” he starts.

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The cours of my experiment

To endure the five days without sweets I´ll replace them with fruits, because they are sweet too, and are much healthier. The first day of my experiment was Monday the 31st October. 300 more words


5 days without sweets

For my project, with the topic nutrition, I first had to think about what would be suitable for me and my age, where I am not only doing something experimental, but also something that benefits me, especially health. 168 more words