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Five Things About ... Hoegaarden

1) This week the long-running industrial dispute between CUB and the 55 workers it punted ended. The workers did have jobs to go to but they were with a contractor who would pay them less. 330 more words

Beer Of The Week

Five Things About ... Matilda Bay Wild Yak

1) Here’s another thing to add to that list entitled “I don’t understand WTF Matilda Bay is doing”. You’ve got their new beer, called Wild Yak. 440 more words

Beer Of The Week

Five Things About ... Matilda Bay's Dogbolter

1) One subject that regularly gets touched on in this blog is the concern that Matilda Bay doesn’t seem to have any idea what the hell it’s doing. 365 more words

Beer On The Box

Born to be mild?

I’m not the first to scratch his head at what the hell CUB is doing with Matilda Bay. This guy doesn’t get it. And neither does… 457 more words

Beer Business

The Ravens of Matilda Bay

The tea rooms at Matilda Bay have been remodelled and for a while, it seemed that there would be no visits from the birds, but then – some ravens came. 64 more words


Memories of Rock

I woke up with the memory of a Swamp Thing pinball machine I used to “play” at the DuBois bowling alley where my Mum played in a league. 489 more words