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The most popular stories of 2015

It’s the end of the year, which usually means it’s time for beer bloggers to do a round-up of the best beers of the year. But I’m not doing that because I’m too old to remember all the good beers I drank in 2015 (I’d be pushing it to remember those I drank in November). 305 more words

Beer Review

MtLawleyShire's 2016 calendars. #2 - Ravens

As requested, I will design a raven calendar for those who are interested.  the following are photos, most of which will be included in the calendar. 21 more words


Overlooked Beers - Day One

One thing I’ve realised in this month of just drinking Australian beers is how many of them I overlook for the other 11 months of the year. 407 more words

Bridge Road Brewers

Five Things About .... Stone & Wood's Forefathers

1) Phil Sexton’s hit rate is astonishing. If other people managed to create one iconic beer brand in Australia they’d be happy. To try and push for two would just appear greedy. 354 more words

Beer Of The Week

The Six-Pack - July 24, 2015

Number 1: This tweet from Tiffany Waldron

Found in Melbourne… Draft beer jelly bellies! pic.twitter.com/VfeobYuWmS

— Tiffany Waldron (@beergirlbites) July 20, 2015

I have been looking for these beer-flavoured jelly beans for ages.

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The Six-Pack

Matilda Bay - a tale of too many beers

By now, you’ve probably heard that CUB plans to tinker with the Matilda Bay brand.

A large part of that is spinning off Fat Yak to effectively make a new brand, by inducing a milder version called… 636 more words

Beer Business

Five things about ... Matilda Bay's Lazy Yak

1) Lazy Yak is the first effort from the guys at CUB to spin off the Fat Yak beer into its own range. Despite my initial misgivings, it makes sense – Fat Yak is apparently the best-selling beer in the Matilda Bay range but most drinkers didn’t link it with Matilda Bay. 341 more words

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