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One Facebook Chat: understanding friendship

What can a single conversation (albeit long) tell us about a relationship and the people involved in it? I got my hands on a facebook chat excerpt of 2444 messages spanning a time period from August 6 2013 to September 23 2016 and decided to see what one could decipher through aggregate word analysis. 290 more words

Data Adventures

Matplotlib in less than 5 min

Plotting or visualizing your data after performing some machine learning/data science algorithm/operation is very important to analyze/predict results more effectively. To visualize your results in… 242 more words


Thư viện Matplotlib

Documents của matplotlib ở tham khảo [1]. Mình đọc được một phần trong User’s Guide (lướt qua Introduction, Configuration Guide và Beginner’s Guide). Không có thời gian tham khảo sâu hơn nữa. 85 more words

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Matplotlib: How to mark regions of interest on plots

Sometimes when we plot data we want to indicate a relevant feature or have a user select a section of the data. For example, if we record electromyography (EMG) and force signals, we might want to have the user mark the baseline EMG level so that it can be removed, and determine the amount of EMG produced during a maximum voluntary contraction (MVC). 1,097 more words


Simple Line Plots: Using matplotlib

This post belongs to a series of tutorials about how to draw simple line plots for academic papers. Information about the data used is available in the… 596 more words


Simple Line Plots

I would like to share a few things I’ve learned about drawing plots for academic papers and applied in my own papers. As different fields usually have different preferences in terms of presentation of results (e.g., textual description, plots, tables), this might not be applicable in all areas, but I believe many of these details can be generalized. 632 more words


[matplotlib] create figures on a remote server

On a remote server of mine I wanted to create some nice figures with matplotlib. It worked well on localhost but it failed on the server. 154 more words