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Basemaps with Python, Part 1 - Getting Started

One of the amazing things about Python is that it has the capability to manipulate data and render it in all sorts of ways with just a couple lines of code. 1,328 more words


Forecasting and Python Part 1 - Moving Averages

I would like to kick off a series that takes different forecasting methodologies and demonstrates them using Python.  To get the ‘ball rolling’ I want to start with moving averages and ideally end the series on forecasting with ARIMA models (AutoRegressive Integrated Moving Average).  1,078 more words


Boxplot fun with Python

Recently, I was working on a puzzle with a friend that involved displaying a set of data in .csv format. How do you get a set of data from a CSV to display in a way that makes the most sense? 700 more words


Word clouds in Python....what a PIL

For those of you that missed it – that was a Python Imaging Library pun. *bows* I’m here all week.

Figuring out ways to make data interesting has been a puzzle I’ve been working on lately. 721 more words


Python-Custom Distance Radius with Basemap

I was working on a project were I needed to identify gaps in coverage based on a location and a service range, which could be different for each service/provider combination. 744 more words


Convert wav file to spectrogram in Python

#  This python script reads an audio file in .wav format and generates a spectrogram image (.png format) with a defined dpi.

# Some additional options include setting the ‘frameon=true’. 149 more words


Different matplotlib/pylab styles, version-1.x (4, 5)

Global font size is set to 8 in all figures.

Style ‘ggplot’ is my first preference but the overlapping histogram does not have good contrast. So I settled for ‘seahorse-darkgrid’. 53 more words