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How to remove padding around plot in Matplotlib

The plot generated by Matplotlib typically has a lot of padding around it. This is useful if you are viewing or displaying the plot in isolation. 141 more words

How to customize Matplotlib using matplotlibrc

If you find yourself using Matplotlib a lot, then it might be worth your while to customize its default configuration. This is best done using a… 110 more words

zorder: Ordering components of a plot in matplotlib

Matplotlib has its own order when it places different components of a plot. For instance, if there is a line plot and a scatter plot, it will always put the line plot on top of the scatter plot no matter what is the order in which the plots commands are given in the code. 106 more words


Improvements to the RendererKivy (Part 2)

The following modifications have been implemented in these days:

  • Fixed problem when rendering concave polygons. It can be seen from previous images that in the case of an arrow and a wedge there was a defect on the rendering due to the triangulation algorithm to fill it.
  • 215 more words

Figure Object

In matplotlib.pyplot one may want to create multiple plots in the same code, or produce subplots. For this one needs to understand the figure() command. 121 more words

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Customizing Axis

Labeling Axis

ALL PLOTS MUST ALWAYS HAVE AXIS LABELS AND MUST HAVE UNITS. One thing I have noticed as I have entered scientific academia, is that all too often I encounter plots that do not contain labels, and if they do the units may be missing. 288 more words

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Simplest Line Plot

This example explains the simplest possible example of plotting with matplotilb.pyplot, the core plotting package for python.

The first step is to of course import matplotlib.pyplot by: 96 more words

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