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Web-based scientific plotting using Bottle and Matplotlib

Python provides powerful modules for scientific computing, such as Scipy/Numpy/Matplotlib. In my research projects, I use them for analyzing data and creating nice scientific plots that can be readily used as figures in a journal paper manuscript. 603 more words

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Kippo Statistics Graphs in Modern Honey Network (MHN)

MHN is a great tool used to deploy a network of honeypots on your network or on the Internet to monitor possible threats and attacks to different types of services. 1,580 more words


Matplotlib: using scientific notation in tick values

formatter = matplotlib.ticker.ScalarFormatter()

Plot zero-velocity curves (circular restricted 3-body problem) using Python

Saya tulis program dalam python untuk menghitung lokasi titik Lagrange dalam masalah tiga-benda terbatas (CRTBP) serta mengeplotnya bersama kontur integral Jacobi yang melewati L1, L2, dan L3. 520 more words


Figure featured in PRA Kaleidoscopes

This figure, generated from our data and visualized using matplotlib, was selected to be featured in PRA’s Kaleidoscope listings. Figures are selected for aesthetics so we are naturally pleased to have this recognition. 42 more words