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Python: ax.text not displaying in saved PDF

I am creating a figure with some text (example here: a sin curve with some text on the side) in an ipython notebook. The plot and text show up inline in my notebook, but when I save the figure I only see the plot and not the text. 249 more words


Python matplotlib plots in LaTeX

Plots and graphs are a very important part of a research paper and they often do a good job of conveying the results to the reader. 407 more words

Pie Charts

Hey! welcome all. In this tutorial we are gonna be talking about pie charts specifically.

So pie charts are pretty self explanatory by the way they look. 419 more words


The Y-axis doesn't have to be on the left

Line charts are great to convey the evolution of a variable over the time. This is a typical chart. It has three key components, the X-axis that represents the time, the Y-axis that represents the tracked value, and the line itself. 453 more words


Read the data and plotting with multiple markers

Just assume that we have an excel data, we want to plot it on a line chart with different markers. Just imagine, we have plotted a line chart with multiple lines inside by different colour, but we only have black and white printer, after printing to the paper, all lines will be in black colour. 403 more words

Plotting In Python


Plotting the data makes it easy and understandable, plotting makes story telling easy and handy.
This script presents some of the easy and plotting methods avaialabel in… 785 more words


Simple Classification with Scikit-learn

Read Data

import pandas

fruits = pd.read_table('fruit_data_with_colors.txt')

Data Exploration

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import seaborn as sns