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Deep Magic Volume 1: Visualizing Apache Mahout in R via Apache Zeppelin (incubating)

I was at Apache Big Data last week and got to talking to some of the good folks at the Apache Mahout project.  For those who aren’t familiar, … 1,695 more words

Big Data

My first Python Program - Wesleyan University on Coursera - Data Management & Visualization Course

This is the second post of the series for the course mentioned in the entry. For the purpose of the assigment of week 2, I have used Anaconda 2 with Python 2.7. 1,010 more words

Economic Development

Quick Gantt Chart with Matplotlib

The problem: You need a quick Gantt chart for a quick proposal report and you dint have any project planner software installed.


While there are many different ways, you only have access to python, well Here’s a simple Gantt chart plotter with just matplotlib. 394 more words


Discrete colorbars in matplotlib

Discrete colorbars might be needed while we are trying to display discretely spaced data in a density plot or a scatter plot, for instance integer valued data. 88 more words


Basemaps with Python, Part 1 - Getting Started

One of the amazing things about Python is that it has the capability to manipulate data and render it in all sorts of ways with just a couple lines of code. 1,328 more words


Forecasting and Python Part 1 - Moving Averages

I would like to kick off a series that takes different forecasting methodologies and demonstrates them using Python.  To get the ‘ball rolling’ I want to start with moving averages and ideally end the series on forecasting with ARIMA models (AutoRegressive Integrated Moving Average).  1,078 more words


Boxplot fun with Python

Recently, I was working on a puzzle with a friend that involved displaying a set of data in .csv format. How do you get a set of data from a CSV to display in a way that makes the most sense? 700 more words