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Using Pythons matplotlib

I had a look at the python 2D plotting library matplotlib. For more information about this library, you might want to have a look at the corresponding… 179 more words


ImportError: No module named matplotlib.pyplot

When working with Python pandas you might need to import matplotlib

import matplotlib.pyplot

and when doing so you might get an error like this.

ImportError: No module named matplotlib.pyplot… 65 more words

Planet Panoramas in Python

Planet panoramas provide entirely new perspectives to photos, and more often than not, look spectacular. Here in example of an amateur and touristy photo that I took at  517 more words


Correlate a common region of two 3D subplots in matplotlib

A simple and innocuous thing it might seem initially, but has a not-so-simple solution. Given two 3d subplots produced by matplotlib, how would identify a common point or a common region between the subplots and relate them via some guides. 492 more words


Exploring Matplotlib Styles

Last week got some free time. Used it to upgrade my python installation on Mac, a long awaited task.

Looking at the upgrade log, was most excited to finally see the new version of matplotlib. 183 more words


Synonyms fun with Spark Word2Vec

Spark MLlib implements the Skip-gram approach of Word2Vec. With Skip-gram we want to predict a window of words given a single word.

This is part of the work I have done with PySpark on IPython notebook. 173 more words


matplotlib default figsize

The default value is which can be changed of course. To know all the default values just inspect the value of ‘rcParams

import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

print(plt.rcParams) # to examine all values