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Voice recognition with Python (Mark II)

In my last post, Voice recognition with Python, I wrote some Python code that could detect the difference between the words Yes and No when spoken into a microphone. 953 more words


Voice recognition with Python

Arkwood, my morbid Belgian fiend, has long had a hankering for android romance. Indeed, to appease his pent-up frustrations, I built him his very own… 975 more words


How to use LaTeX for text rendering in Matplotlib

By default, Matplotlib does not use LaTeX to render the text in its plots. For certain documents, it may be necessary to use LaTeX for text rendering. 21 more words

How to install Seaborn

Seaborn is a plotting library that is built on top of Matplotlib. For folks already using Matplotlib, it makes it easy to generate visually pleasing plots that use contemporary colors and features. 102 more words

Web-based scientific plotting using Bottle and Matplotlib

Python provides powerful modules for scientific computing, such as Scipy/Numpy/Matplotlib. In my research projects, I use them for analyzing data and creating nice scientific plots that can be readily used as figures in a journal paper manuscript. 603 more words

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Kippo Statistics Graphs in Modern Honey Network (MHN)

MHN is a great tool used to deploy a network of honeypots on your network or on the Internet to monitor possible threats and attacks to different types of services. 1,597 more words


Matplotlib: using scientific notation in tick values

formatter = matplotlib.ticker.ScalarFormatter()