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Horizontal bar chart with 3 encodings using matplotlib

This chart explains the gender difference in school performance based on different states of india. Full project report

  • 1st Encoding (lines): median values of performance for boys and girls…
  • 430 more words

Creating a filled barchart with matplotlib

This a python tutorial is to make a color filled bar chart with color fill mapped to a variable in the data. This chart was created for this… 294 more words


Good things come to an end.

EoL Announcement, for theĀ matplotlib basemap toolkit.

Basemap was an amazing piece of code, 6, 10 lines of user code, and it would draw a map. 139 more words

Now I'm an artist, decorator ...

To many acronyms, terms and pieces of software. GIS, DEM, CRS, ESRI, UTM, GDAL, OGR, OGC, cartography, spatial maps, fiona, descates, numpy, scipy, descartes, shapeley, matplotlib. 207 more words

Python Power: CSV to Scatter Plot in 7 lines of code

Like everyone else, I’ve worked with Spotfire and Excel to create simple visualizations for datasets. But nothing comes close to doing this 7 lines of Python. 43 more words


Jupyter notebook and Matplotlib

I was thinking to use Jupyter notebook for quite a some time and finally I started using it. Here is a quick installation guide for Linux (Ubuntu). 425 more words

My 2 video presentations on 'Essential Python for Datascience'

Here, in this post I include 2 sessions on ‘Essential Python for Datascience’. These 2 presentations cover the most important features of the Python language with which you can hit the ground running in datascience. 181 more words