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CPU usage versus temperature

At one point I needed to measure the increase of temperature as CPU usage would go up, in my own laptop. All the standard monitoring tools provide either CPU usage or temperature measurements, but not both at the same time. 596 more words


XAXIS: min-max ends and minor-major ticks

Sometimes when a graph is plotted, the ends may hang in a manner that you want to round off the limits of the graphs such that it starts and ends in a major tick. 170 more words


Polar bar chart challenge

A big thanks to ujubee.com for challenging me to create a polar bar chart last week – I hadn’t done one of these before, but the matplotlib… 55 more words


Conda Python 3.5 and OpenCV 3 with Matplotlib and QT5 backend

As title suggests lets get to work:

Create the Conda Environment with Python 3.5

$ conda create -n python35 python=35
$ conda activate python35

Inside the conda environment we need to install pyqt5, pyside, pyobj-core, pyobjc-framework-cocoa packages: 177 more words

Machine Learning

Matplotlib lines: How close are you to the drop?

This year’s Premier League feels very congested. You have Manchester City light years ahead, the next 4 teams competing for European seeding, and everyone else trying to avoid relegation. 125 more words


Matplotlib goals: European football

Often, when you score goals, you win. When you stop the other team from scoring, you also often win. So it makes sense that teams that can do both win even more. 189 more words