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పెళ్లి చూపులకు గుర్తింపుకార్డంట..!

పెళ్లి చూపులకు గుర్తింపుకార్డంట..!

దేశంలో ఏ పని కావాలన్నా గుర్తింపుకార్డు తప్పనిసరి..సిమ్ కార్డు దగ్గరి నుంచి ఓటు వేసే వరకు ఐడెంటి కార్డు లేనిదే ఏ పని జరగదు. తాజాగా పెళ్లిచూపులకు కూడా గుర్తింపుకార్డు కార్డు కావాలంట. ఇదివరకటి రోజుల్లో పెళ్లిచూపులంటే తెలిసినవాళ్లు.. ..……..Read More……

The Crux of Marriage

I think it goes with saying, these days, that the definition, position, and purpose of marriage are matters of great controversy in our society, and indeed, among many Christians today as well.  1,039 more words


Matrimonial in Ahmedabad

You want the easiest way finding the right partner for you. We only need your complete profile and need to fill up our online registration for free and got the chance to to upgrade your membership plan. 87 more words

Brahmin Matrimony and Jain Matrimony: Two matrimonial sites best servicing their community

Have you ever wondered who created marriage? The answer you all have is God. Truly, it is the Almighty who has planned and makes marriages happen on Earth as a means of building up and continuing the existence of the society. 597 more words


Dear Armando 

Armando, it’s not a lie when I say I have dreamed about this day all of my life and have probably been “married” about 50 times. 413 more words

Thank You Notes

My mom is mad at me. Different day same old piping hot plate of BS.

I don’t like living at home, but I also don’t like working full time so…you can see why my hands are tied. 116 more words