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8 Women On How They Conquered The Post-Wedding Blues


“I’m not proud of this, and I swear to God if you use my real name I’ll hunt you down and kill you, but about a month after I got married I had a brief fling with a guy who lives in our neighborhood. 979 more words

6 Reasons Why Sending Your Daughter to College is Necessary for Her Soul (Part I)

So I have recently become aware of something called Fix the Family and I must say, it is embarrassment to Catholicism. After two millenia of teaching that women are of equal dignity with men, this group would dash that to pieces in order to set up a patriarchy that is classically Protestant. 1,574 more words


Elite Matrimony

For eons now, Indians have ‘arranged’ the marriages of their children to whom they thought were from ‘suitable, respectable families’. It didn’t matter if the girl or boy involved was a boring, workaholic, impassive individual with no distinct quirk or characteristic (no offense to anyone). 740 more words


Wedding Homily for Alex and Lacy

I have posted many homilies that I have preached on Sundays and other solemnities or for a couple of funerals on this blog. This time, I thought readers might like to see how I approach preaching at a wedding. 1,293 more words



And no unfitting adulation!
Innocence, thence
Commence recital!
No time to waste
Haste, round up vital parts
Give this show a healthy start
Magazines of divas, queens… 119 more words



Benson got an email from work saying they were going to bring in a professional photographer to take everybody’s headshots. “Benson’s a model?” you ask. 317 more words


Forever can never be long enough for me.

Ah, the beloved “M” word. Matrimony, marriage, a death sentence, whatever you want to call it. It seems to be the hot topic once you reach your twenties. 504 more words