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The Fab Four, of sorts, ready to cook at dinner-benefit at Palm Beach's Buccan

This Sunday isn’t going to be just another marvelous Sunday at Palm Beach’s Buccan.

The cavalry’s  coming, ready to cook up a memorable experience so kids who don’t get enough to eat, … 267 more words

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Following a recent recount, Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge driver Matt Bell has been named the new series leader for most pole positions earned.

Canadian race car driver Devon Powell, who started his career in street stock endurance racing in 1997, previously held the title, with a total of 13 career pole positions. 438 more words

Inching Closer to completing the 20 Books of Summer

Despite my best intentions I’m posting another ’round-up’ post, because yet again life has gotten in the way. Still, the good news is that I have met my target of not doing worse in this challenge than I did last year – my final total may not reach 20 (although I still have 2 weeks) but at least it will be more than 16! 1,166 more words

The 746

Roochie Toochie and the Ragtime Shepherd Kings

The first phonograph showed up in 1877, yet another invention by Thomas Edison – and even he was fond of this machine that could record and play back sound and would often reply to questions about his best invention, “I like the phonograph best”. 167 more words

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Musings by Minsc: A Book Report on Baldur's Gate II

It’s comforting to know that not only have videogames branched out wildly from their preconceived notions, but that writing about games has had an equally compelling renaissance. 732 more words

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How our stories were found: On Matt Bell's Baldur's Gate 2

Part of what created this investment was a precise lack of detail writers call “flatness,” a way of making room for the reader to fill in motivations, psychology, physical details, or other attributes of characters and settings…you begin to fashion explanations for this behavior, imagining its effects on the character you’ve conjured in collaboration with the game.

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AWP Take Aways

AWP is always a hot bed of ideas and suggestions. Everyone has their own opinions, but there’s usually something available for everyone who’s interested in listening. 824 more words