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Muse's Drones is a welcome throwback

Published in the Georgia Straight.

It is difficult to pinpoint when, exactly, Muse became a stupendous joke. Was it the brain-melting insanity of the English trio’s 2006 single “Knights of Cydonia”? 137 more words


Dead Inside

In celebration of Muse making our Sunny Island one of their pit stops for their Drones tour, let me share this song, which sometimes is reflective of my inner state of being. 151 more words

Drones, Muse - Album Review

I have always known the classic Muse songs, the Knights of Cydonia and the Supermassive Blackholes, but never before have I properly sat down and gone through the whole album. 281 more words


Dead Inside

Muse is probably my favorite band.  The trio, consisting of Matt Bellamy, Chris Wolstenholme, and Dominic Howard, formed in 1994.  Their first song I remember hearing was “Time Is Running Out”.  282 more words

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TRACK BY TRACK: The Resistance

You have no idea how long this one has been coming. This has been a Track by Track that I wanted to cover for some time now. 2,008 more words

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Muse - Drones Review

With their 2013 album “Live at Rome Olympic stadium” behind them, English rock band Muse quickly began writing for what would be their 7th LP, “Drones”, the album that’s secured their fifth UK number 1.  614 more words


Review:: Muse - 'Drones'

Originally published on The Bubble, Durham University Online Student Magazine

Matt Bellamy and co have seemingly gotten to that stage in their careers where a hefty dose of musical introspection is what the doctor has ordered. 853 more words