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REAL FANS: Muse (Wembley Stadium, 11th September 2010)

This blog post was originally written in 2011, and it chronicled Muse’s infamous ‘Second Night Syndrome’ – it seemed that whenever Muse performed two shows at one venue, that the second night would be superior. 1,150 more words

Muse's Frontal Lobotomies 07/08/13

I dreamt I was jamming with the band Muse in Oxfordshire. It was going fine until I had a break and came back to find that they had performed frontal lobotomies on my “friends.” I write “friends” because I had no idea who these people were. 162 more words

Best Covers: Muse “New Kind of Kick”

Muse have momentarily paused their inquiry into on-stage levitation to release a new, Halloween-themed cover of The Cramps’ “New Kind of Kick.” The Tom Kirk-directed video resurrects the group’s spirit and style—Matt Bellamy evidently enjoys his role as Lux Interior, ass-shaking and crotch-thrusting with aplomb, while drummer Dom Howard makes little effort to tidy up his bloody nose. 11 more words


The Resistance. Muse


The Resistance is the fifth album of Muse, an album that we consider an ambitious but a great album. The Resistance had a good reception on its release but music media had divided opinions. 287 more words


Thirty Seconds To Mars

Nowadays people associate Jared Leto from his acting roles in Dallas Buyers Club (2013) and Suicide Squad (2016). Some people aren’t aware Jared is very versatile. 2,225 more words



Well, we’ll start with the basics, but I really can’t do a general post on how much I love Muse, because it’s just too vast an ocean of emotion. 106 more words

Chris Wolstenholme

Song of The Day

For my first song of the day post, I thought I would throw it back a little to Muse’s fourth album which came out in 2004. 221 more words

Song Of The Day