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Think positive, jour 3 : le rire de Matthew Bellamy.

Oh, pas besoin de description en long, large et travers. Certaines personnes ont un rire communicatif et franchement original, c’est le cas de Matthew. Il me suffit de vingt secondes du rire de ce dingue pour aller mieux. 14 more words

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“Dead Inside” - Muse

Release Year: 2015

Rating: 9/10

Ever since they began posting snippets of new material on Instagram and Facebook, fans have been salivating for new Muse… 400 more words


Axy et Muse, ça fait neuf ans (et ça n'a pas été de tout repos) : 21-24 Octobre 2007

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Dans le vol qui me ramène en Italie, je ne fais pas ma fière, et surtout, je suis terrifiée, je n’ai aucune idée de ce qui m’attend. 4,388 more words

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DRONES - Song Descriptions

Length: 4:23

Description: Dead Inside Lyric Video

Length: Unknown


This interlude can be found before the Psycho lyric video.

Length: 5:28

Description: Psycho Lyric Video… 280 more words


THE DRONECOMING: Muse, Exeter Great Hall - Live Review

This ad lib Psycho tour was announced just a week ago causing fans a mental meltdown the size of Eurasia in the process. In a bid to get “back to their roots” they are playing venues the size of the ones they last played back in 2001 (yes, makes us feel old doesn’t it?). 578 more words

Two For Tunesday: 24th March 2015

Muse – Dead Inside

“This is where the story of the album begins, where the protagonist loses hope and becomes ‘Dead Inside,’ therefore vulnerable to the dark forces introduced in ‘Psycho’ and which ensue over the next few songs on the album, before eventually defecting, revolting and overcoming these dark forces later in the story,” Matt Bellamy says, describing new single and album opener ‘Dead Inside’. 249 more words

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