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Rental Revisit: "The Forest" and "The 5th Wave"

-An uninspiring horror film that gets a few scares at the end, and another monotonous look at teen dystopian fiction and triangular love plots. 934 more words

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Film Review: "Keanu"

-This action/comedy may have its moments, but it feels too sketchy and incomplete to recommend. 497 more words

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Film Review: "Huntsman: Winter's War"

-The only fantasy image this film manages to evoke is you dreaming of leaving the theater. 784 more words

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Indie Double Feature: "Born to be Blue" and "Everybody Wants Some"

-A disappointing musical biopic starring Ethan Hawke and the latest revelry of an era from director Richard Linklater 672 more words

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Patriots are going need more QBs, since they have just the one eligible

There are many things to consider regarding today’s court decision which upheld the NFL’s four-game suspension of Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

But at a really basic level, the Patriots are going to need more quarterbacks, since Jimmy Garoppolo is the only one on the roster other than Brady. 134 more words

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Roundup: Michael Strahan Leaving Kelly Ripa, Harriet Tubman on the $20

Rose Byrne … Harriet Tubman will be the new face of the twenty … Kelly Ripa skipped work when she heard about Michael Strahan’s new job … don’t worry, there are… 273 more words