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Film Review: "Snowden"

-A politically charged story is stripped of all charisma and tension, leaving behind an overly dramatized, never ending slog. 547 more words

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Film Review: "Blair Witch"

-There’re plenty of scares in this reboot of the classic horror film, but it perhaps stays too close to formula. 492 more words

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What will the Patriots do at quarterback?

The Patriots face the Texans on Thursday night. Their temporary starter has an injury that will likely knock him out, at least temporarily. So what will they do about finding a temporary backup to the temporary replacement to the temporary starter who is subbing for the franchise quarterback who is temporarily suspended? 132 more words

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Film Review: "Sully"

-Clint Eastwood returns with an overly dramatic, but sometimes thrilling, embellishment of a true tale. 608 more words

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Film Review: "The Light Between Oceans"

The Light Between Oceans is beautiful, compelling, and heartbreaking, but eventually capsizes after a two hour bout with melodrama and multiple story arcs. 1,202 more words

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With Teddy Down, What Options Do the Vikings Have at Quarterback?

Another year, another historically heartbreaking moment for Vikings fans. Sure, other teams have injury issues, look at the Cowboys. But Tony Romo wasn’t taken away from the game against the Seahawks in an ambulance. 2,073 more words


Film Review: "Don't Breathe"

-A terrible third act hinders a very productive horror film that conjures up some of the best tension of 2016. 666 more words

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