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The Case for NBA MVP

-Why Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook is really the only choice. 2,048 more words

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Film Review: "Ghost in the Shell"

– While Ghost in the Shell possesses a nice group of visual motifs, the style is completely outweighed by a messy script and inconsistent narrative. 764 more words

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Film Review: "Life"

-Although clearly an Alien knock-off, Life hits on several levels to deliver a nice sci-fi experience. 674 more words

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The Trouble With Jimmy Garoppolo

Credit Photo: John W. McDonough/Sports Illustrated/ The MMQB

It seems like every year there’s a new backup that is the new diamond in the rough for Quarterback-a-lackin teams. 813 more words


Indie Double Feature: "Table 19" and "A United Kingdom"

Table 19 is a mess of cliches, while A United Kingdom manages to highlight two great actors. 1,156 more words

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Film Review: "Before I Fall"

-Emotionally manipulative and immeasurably melodramatic, Before I Fall stands out from the teen drama pack with a powerful story and surprisingly effective performances. 1,053 more words

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Film Review: "Get Out"

-Comedy icon Jordan Peele tries his luck at horror and comes up with some pretty nice results. 1,232 more words

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