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Daily Data Dump: Chicago homicides are decreasing, while homicide clusters still persist

Matt has a Bachelor of Science in Systems Science, with focuses in applied mathematics and economic systems, from Iowa State University. He is also a professional member of the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics and the International Society for the Systems Sciences and a scholarly member of Omicron Delta Epsilon, which is an International Honors Society for Economics.  62 more words

Matt Johnson

Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary (2002, Guy Maddin)

To put it mildly, Dracula: Pages from a Virgin’s Diary is narratively erratic. The film–a filmed ballet “converted” to a silent movie–opens with panic over Eastern Europeans entering Britain. 809 more words

Chicagoland: Homicides through September 2017

Homicides in Chicago have decreased by more than 7 percent compared to this time last year. Through September of 2016, there were 568 homicides in the Windy City. 188 more words

Matt Johnson

Monday Data Dump: Comparing Minneapolis' 4th Ward July 2016 crime data to July 2017 crime data

In Sunday’s Data Dump, we compared and contrasted the 4th and 5th Wards crime behavior with respect to the crime behavior of the Downtown West neighborhood. 998 more words

Matt Johnson

Sunday Data Dump: North side crime in Minneapolis in July 2017

The Minneapolis City government elections are slowing approaching. The big day is Tuesday, November 7th. And so the mission of this blog until November 7th is to provide data sets relevant to the mayoral race and the city council races, for which there are 13 council seats. 783 more words

Matt Johnson

Thursday Data Dump: Foreclosures in Minneapolis in 2016

As today’s data will illustrate, foreclosures are not distributed throughout the city equally. So here are a couple of things to keep in mind while sifting through this data table. 443 more words

Matt Johnson

Wednesday Data Dump: The Most crime ridden neighborhood in Minneapolis in 2017

There are a couple of things to consider while sifting through today’s data. First, crime increases as the year progresses. This is a pretty common pattern in cities in the midwest, where temperatures change as the seasons change and there can be a 120 degree temperature difference between the middle of summer and the middle of winter. 597 more words

Matt Johnson