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Netflix Has the 1998 Lost in Space Movie. I Should Finally Watch That. [Comes Back 2 Hours Later.] That Was a Huge Mistake.

With the internet going crazy over Netflix’s new Lost in Space series, I thought it would be a good idea to look back at the 1998 movie. 1,335 more words

Film Reviews

They're Lost, But You Can Find Them On Netflix

A New Space

Full Disclosure:  My knowledge of Lost In Space begins and ends with the 1998 feature film and just a few viewings of classic episodes.  1,538 more words

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Episode 48: Lost in Space

Lost in Space was a movie that the GBBV Crew put on the list of potential episodes early on in the life of the podcast and with the release of the Netflix series Max, James, and Ryan figured what better time than now to actually record it? 72 more words


Top Gear viewers left in shock as car goes up in flames with presenters still inside

Top Gear (literally) played with fire in their latest episode, after a car went up in flames with presenters Chris Harris and Eddie Jordan still inside. 445 more words


Here's your ultimate Top Gear series 25 preview

TG TV returns this Sunday! Here’s what we learned during filming

  1. The V8 engine is definitely not dead yet

    Just hearing the words is enough to raise the heart rate.

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