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'Episodes' fan recap: The Matt LeBlanc road

Season 4 | Episode 7 | “Episode 7″ | Aired Feb 22, 2015

As Pucks winds down, and with the end of Episodes‘ fourth season also approaching, Sean and Beverly prepare to start on… 986 more words

Episodes "Episode Six" {show review}

“Episode Six” focuses more on loss and family than huge gain, especially for Matt LeBlanc.

Unlike most of the other episodes, “Episode Six” takes place in the hospital, where Matt’s father is being hospitalized for heart surgery. 230 more words

{show Review}

Episodes, the grown-up version of Friends

Pair two writers/producers of two of the biggest 90’s sitcoms – Mad About You and Friends – and what do you get? The Class. A short-lived CBS comedy series, starring Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family), Sean Maguire (Off Centre) and Jason Ritter (Lauren Graham’s toy-boy on Parenthood), among others. 268 more words


Friends (1994-2004)

Title: Friends
Seasons: 10
Episodes: 236
Channel: NBC
Years: 1994-2004
Grade: B
Comments: The characters for this show were so well put together as far as their neuroses interact with one another and their understanding of one another. 43 more words


A 'Friends' Fan Figured Out Exactly How Much Money Joey Owes Chandler

“How does Monica afford her lavish apartment on a chef’s salary?” is the question most Friends fans have spent too much time obsessing over (“why does Ross own a monkey?” gets a pass, though). 383 more words


What To Watch This Week: Episodes (Showtime)

A British couple brings their television show to Hollywood only to have it become unrecognizably Americanized by a network. They are forced to cast Matt Leblanc (playing himself) as the lead and the show is pretty much butchered from there on out. 54 more words


Episodes "Episode Five" {show review}

The legal battle gets even more intense, as Sean’s old writing partner, who only typed what Sean said, wants to be a full-time partner/writer on the show. 291 more words