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TV Review: Episodes (Season 4)

This review contains spoilers about the fourth season of Episodes

I had always liked Episodes since the first episode. Its satirical, witty British humor (which is ironically written by American writers)  set in Hollywood is refreshing and the fourth season is the best season of Episodes so far mainly because of its humor. 334 more words

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'Episodes' finale fan recap: Release the bugs

Season 4 | Episode 9 | “Episode Nine” | Aired Mar 15, 2015

At the opening of Episodes‘ fourth-season finale, Beverly and Carol carry on with their secret dumpster meetings, where Beverly tells Carol that she will be going on a hike alone the following morning at their usual spot. 998 more words

'Episodes' Season Finale Punts On Logic, Settles For Fun (SPOILERS)

At this point, those committed “Episodes” have surely engaged in a bit of bargaining, accepting that the show’s central proposition no longer makes any sense, but that it can still be fun strictly in its jaundiced view of Hollywood. 554 more words


Ces séries annulées trop tôt, le drame des sérivores.

Mon compte BetaSeries peut en attester, je suis une grande adepte des séries. Peut-être un peu trop mais c’est pas grave. Je survivrais. (J’espère)

Ainsi, toujours selon mon compte BetaSeries, j’ai passé approximativement 4 mois, 1 jour, 23 heures et 3 minutes devant mon ordinateur à regarder 106 séries, 286 saisons et 4928 épisodes divers et variés. 870 more words


Don't touch me

Some people just don’t like to be touched. I’m a bit selective myself. It annoys me when someone I barely know comes up to me, slaps my shoulder (with the force necessary to relocate a hip that’s decided it needs some time away from the pelvis to ‘find itself’) and says hi with all the folksiness of Matt LeBlanc (Joey) making his entry at a Friends reunion*. 446 more words

The One About Friends

At the surface level, friends is a decade long sitcom about a group of friends. However, like many tv shows today, this series cleverly builds itself from a very long series of non-sequitur jokes. 548 more words

'Episodes' fan recap: Abe Lincoln and some guys from the Bible

Season 4 | Episode 8 | “Episode 8″ | Aired Mar 8, 2015

The penultimate episode of Episodes‘ fourth season kicks off as Helen tells Sean that she got a call from Matt’s agent saying that the Lincolns offered him a role in… 920 more words