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WIRE - " Silver Lead "

They may not take the leaps into new territories they once did, but instead explore the detail in the terrain they themselves uncovered. Thus, repetitive rhythms nestle alongside walls of fuzz. 236 more words


Episode 15 - Backswing Brown Ale


15 of these, now. Simba brought a Nintendo. Mark brought beer.

In this episode, we reminisce about our Hot Ones bowel movements. We take a look at a man (who happens to be Asian) who died doing stupid things. 23 more words


Episode 6 - T.W. Pitchers' Tropic Plunder


Episode 6. This thing’s so much fun, we invited a guest. Everybody say “whassup” to Matt “Simba” Simms!

In this week’s episode, Connor and Mark were nearly joined by Andy Buckley, until they weren’t. 49 more words