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Review: The Crown

After the considerable anticipation built up by the promising trailers and articles, when The Crown premiered, it did not take me long to go through the series. 954 more words

TV Review: Pride&Joy

The Crown

S1, E8: ‘Pride& Joy’

In which Elizabeth loses her damn mind, and I guess we have to care about the Queen Mum now? 1,990 more words

Claire Foy

24 Days of Christmas - #6 Doctor Who Christmas Episodes

Every year Doctor Who has a special christmas episode and I love it when series does this. There are also other series like Modern Family… 108 more words


TV Review: Scientia Potentia Est

The Crown

S1, E7: ‘Scientia Potentia Est’

In which Elizabeth FINALLY has some hot sauce in her bag swag.

Grade: A

Now that’s more like… 1,774 more words

Claire Foy

Titan Doctor Who covers

My paper sculpts feature on Titan comics Doctor Who range next year featuring all four Doctors from the new seasons.

Doctor Who History-Take a deep breath

The Doctor has regenerated again, and is once again having the usual post-regeneration nuttiness. He’s gone a bit weird piloting the TARDIS, and has managed to bring a Tyrannosaur into the Victorian era with him, as he reunites with the Paternoster gang-Madame Vestra, Jenny and Strax. 352 more words

Typing Doctor Who: Victorian Clara


Flexible and tolerant, they take a pragmatic approach focused on immediate results. Theories and conceptual explanations bore them – they want to act energetically to solve the problem.

1,197 more words
Doctor Who