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Matt: “My name is Matt Spaccarelli and I recently sued AT&T in small claims court and won.”

Website:  http://www.taporc.com/

Talk about David and Goliath!

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Customer Wins $850 from AT&T in Court

In February, Matt Spaccarelli the holder of a grandfathered unlimited data plan for his iPhone, sued AT&T for the throttling of his phone. Spaccarelli was frustrated that AT&T could sell an “unlimited” plan and than begin to slow it down once the user became a “data hog.” AT&T stopped selling the unlimited data plan for the iPhone in 2010 with the realization that their network had become over extendend, and that users with the plan were taking up more than their fair share of bandwidth. 243 more words


Throttled iPhone user takes AT&T to court, wins $850

By Josh Lowensohn – A man who became dissatisfied with AT&T throttling data speeds on his iPhone has won a case against the carrier in… 313 more words


Judge Awards $850 To iPhone User Over Throttled Data Usage

SIMI VALLEY (AP) — A judge in Southern California on Friday awarded $850 to an iPhone user because AT&T Inc. reduced his download speeds in an attempt to manage usage on its network. 645 more words