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White Nationalists Reappear in Charlottesville in Torch-Lit Protest by MATT STEVENS

A small crowd bearing torches returned briefly to the site of a violent protest in Virginia, chanting, “You will not replace us!”. via NYT U.S. http://nyti.ms/2z8ywPm


Anti-Abortion Congressman Asked Woman to Have One, Report Says by MATT STEVENS

Representative Tim Murphy of Pennsylvania asked a woman with whom he was having an extramarital affair to “abort our unborn child,” according to a report.. via NYT U.S. http://nyti.ms/2xiPMPV


Esperanza expuesta

Hace unos días –entre el 12 y el 15 de septiembre– fui uno de los muchos testigos directos -vía Facebook Live– de un… 842 more words

Esperanza Spalding

Why Mexico Is So Prone to Strong Earthquakes by MATT STEVENS

Two powerful quakes, 12 days apart, have killed hundreds of people in Mexico this month. We look at how, where and why the big ones happen.. 8 more words


Serena Williams Gives Birth to a Baby Girl by MATT STEVENS

The tennis star has not played a match since winning her 23rd Grand Slam singles title at the Australian Open on Jan. 28.. via NYT Sports http://nyti.ms/2eNk1bi


David Clarke, Milwaukee County Sheriff and Trump Supporter, Resigns by MATT STEVENS

A divisive figure who rose to national attention last year during the Republican National Convention, Mr. Clarke previously said he had been offered a Homeland Security post.. 9 more words


Christopher Cantwell, White Nationalist in Vice Video, Braces for Charges by MATT STEVENS

The authorities in Virginia have issued warrants for Mr. Cantwell’s arrest after his involvement in a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville.. via NYT U.S. http://nyti.ms/2ikLllr