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Starbucks C.E.O. Apologizes After Arrests of 2 Black Men by MATT STEVENS

A video of two African-American men being arrested in a Philadelphia Starbucks for suspicion of trespassing drew quick outrage. The company’s chief executive called it “reprehensible.”. 9 more words


Second Spring #2: "Part I" by The Fierce and the Dead

It’s hard to believe that I first encountered The Fierce and the Dead almost a full decade ago. They’ve been such a part of my musical life over the past eight years, that it’s actually hard to remember a time when I didn’t listen to them. 119 more words

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20 Full Rides to Top Colleges: A Texas Student’s Perfect Sweep by MATT STEVENS

Micheal Brown, now choosing among elite universities like Harvard, Yale and Stanford, said he hoped to one day become a lawyer, perhaps a public defender.. via NYT U.S. https://nyti.ms/2GLt63y


‘Skinhead Lesbian’ Tweet About Parkland Student Ends Maine Republican’s Candidacy by MATT STEVENS

The State House candidate, Leslie Gibson, made the comment about Emma González, also calling David Hogg a “baldfaced liar.” His remarks prompted others to run.. via NYT U.S. http://nyti.ms/2FKFdhH


A Horse Walked Into a Miami Beach Nightclub. Now Nobody Else Can. by MATT STEVENS

Video footage shows a woman in underwear riding the horse, which appears to slip and fall. The city responded by revoking the club’s business license.. via NYT U.S. http://nyti.ms/2FA2S02


Barbra Streisand Cloned Her Dog. For $50,000, You Can Clone Yours. by MATT STEVENS

Ms. Streisand made the revelation in an interview with Variety. Before you get any ideas, let us tell you a little bit more about the process.. 7 more words


Lottery Winner Knows Just What to Do With $560 Million: Fight to Stay Anonymous by MATT STEVENS

A New Hampshire resident who won a huge Powerball jackpot has filed a lawsuit seeking to stop officials from identifying her.. via NYT U.S. http://nyti.ms/2H2e0nQ