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Video of Starving Polar Bear ‘Rips Your Heart Out of Your Chest’ by MATT STEVENS

A team of conservationists documented the plight of an emaciated polar bear in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago. Now some wonder what can be done to save them.. 8 more words


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Thank you to everyone who booked tickets for the Fierce And The Dead album launch show next May, only 18 tickets left then we have our first London headlining show sold out! 77 more words

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Trump Tweets ‘Build the Wall’ After Immigrant Is Acquitted in Kathryn Steinle Case by MATT STEVENS, THOMAS FULLER and CAITLIN DICKERSON

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, an undocumented Mexican immigrant, was acquitted of murder and manslaughter in a San Francisco case that set off a national debate.. via NYT U.S. http://nyti.ms/2BqNssC


Woman Fatally Shot by Hunter Who Mistook Her for a Deer, Officials Say by MATT STEVENS

Rosemary Billquist was walking her dogs near her home in a small town in western New York. The man who shot her was a neighbor she had watched grow up.. 10 more words


Cat Hair Links Woman to Bombs Mailed to Obama and Texas Governor, Officials Say by MATT STEVENS

The woman, Julia Poff, also sent an explosive device to the Social Security Administration, prosecutors say. Gov. Greg Abbott opened the package but it did not detonate.. 8 more words


Ex-Presidents and Trump Show Unity at Hurricane Benefit Concert by MATT STEVENS

The concert is part of a fund-raising campaign, One America Appeal, aimed at assisting hurricane recovery efforts.. via NYT U.S. http://nyti.ms/2l7VDGZ


White Nationalists Reappear in Charlottesville in Torch-Lit Protest by MATT STEVENS

A small crowd bearing torches returned briefly to the site of a violent protest in Virginia, chanting, “You will not replace us!”. via NYT U.S. http://nyti.ms/2z8ywPm