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Getting a college degree using loans  without knowing that the degree will cover the cost to  pay back those loans is not career planning- it is financial suicide.” 559 more words

Manufacturing Careers

Fighting Microaggression

…also known as, cry me a river, build me a bridge and get over it.

The following video is from Andrew Klavan on “The Revolting Truth” over at YouTube. 267 more words



I am not a writer. My mortgage does not tinge on whether or not I have discussed the latest hot topic of the evening. I do not understand the kind of pressure that must weigh on a man who is writing to support his family. 424 more words


Tolerating Everyone That Agrees

Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only sane person in the world. It is a time where there is no absolute truth. At least that’s what people say. 524 more words