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The Two Flavors of MAD MEN

Note: This is light on spoilers for those who are behind on the current (half)season. 

Do you remember Season 2 of Mad Men?  Sure you do.   1,445 more words


Matt Weiner's Years of Pre-'Mad Men' Failure and Humiliation Will Inspire You to Persevere

As someone who spent a significant chunk of my 20s floundering around in different directions, attempting to figure out how to find meaning and success in adult life, nothing makes me happier than stories of artistic and cultural luminaries who struggled, sank, and despaired before finally hitting the jackpot. 678 more words


Mad Men Musings: "The Forecast"

** If you have not yet seen the latest episode of Mad Men, please avert your eyes

This week’s episode of Mad Men, appropriately entitled “The Forecast”, is all about future plans.   1,193 more words


'Mad Men' Creator Matt Weiner on Turning Early Critics' Barbs Into Success

As AMC prepares to air the “Mad Men” finale May 17, the show’s creator, Matt Weiner, harks back to his debut, 1996 microbudget film “What Do You Do All Day?” that he wrote, produced, directed and starred in. 439 more words


Mad Men Season 7 Episode 8: Severance for the Life Unlived

Don’t read the following if you did not watch Mad Men’s premiere on April 5, 2015!

Sunday night’s Mad Men showed us the Don Draper we know and love. 984 more words

Mad Men

'Mad Men' Postmortem: 'Severance' Director Scott Hornbacher Discusses 'Dreamlike' Premiere

Spoiler Alert: This Q&A discusses plot details from the “Mad Men” season premiere, “Severance.”

Scott Hornbacher has been Matt Weiner’s trusted producing partner on “Mad Men” since its inception, a relationship that began when both were working on “The Sopranos.” Hornbacher spoke with… 820 more words


"It's About Class": Matthew Weiner and 'Mad Men's' Cast on the Show's Final Episodes

“It’s about the malleability of American culture,” said Mad Men creator, writer, and showrunner Matthew Weiner on Saturday night. Weiner was at a sold-out Alice Tully Hall in Lincoln Center to toast “ 942 more words