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21 Days to Brighter Skin


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No matter how well you’re eating, doctors recommend that women take a daily multivitamin to improve overall health and skin appearance. 39 more words

the Chicago Police Shooting is terrible

no exucse at all for  17 year old Laquan Mcdonald to be  shot

16 times.  its another example of the racism we

see all over the country… 86 more words

Light does matter

To turn light into day

You need a home and a star

To turn war into love

You need to find a heart still beating… 66 more words


Breaking Points

As we grow up we slowly begin to see the world for what it is- hell on Earth. But we see it that way when things don’t work out for us, when everything is grand we forget, maybe just for a moment, our worries and stresses because we feel the world has righted itself and seems fair. 1,316 more words


Ask the Coaches: What Exercises Are Your Staples No Matter Who the Fighter Is?

What exercises are the staple of your program, no matter what athlete it is? We asked a few of our coaching friends and here is what they had to say.

Tuesday, 11/24/15- A Day

Learning Objectives:

  • Gases and liquids are made of molecules or inert atoms that are moving about relative to each other.
  • In a liquid, the molecules are constantly in contact with others; in a gas, they are widely spaced except when they happen to collide.
  • 86 more words

light - positive | chapter 3

Light. Positive. © Mishu Vass. All Rights Reserved.
Short study on light and the way it emphasizes otherwise unseen things.
See chapter 1 and chapter 2 32 more words

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