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#Refugees Matter

It’s not fiction and lore

Not some classic film of the Second World War

And yes, it’s come knocking on Europe’s door

To bring back memories of their own wounds from before… 354 more words


Air is a Substance

Thanks to Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding (BFSU), I never have to worry about science again! Seriously, I am loving this book. The demonstrations are simple, the content is meaty, the procedure is flexible. 384 more words


of health

hunger sets inside
tales a poke around sections,
snap-shots found later

What Day Is the Most Productive? Tuesday! | AccountingWEB

No matter how much we may want to put them on hold, we all have projects at work we need to start, right? Well, according to a recent survey of human resources (HR) managers by Accountemps

Perfectly Flawed?!...or Flawed Perfectly?!

It’s all about perspective…how does one know what is flawed and what is perfect?! We don’t know nothing!! Your opinions and perspective is just that…what’s not liked by you is liked by others…and visa versa…who is right and who is wrong?! Nobody.


Energy to Live

We are each substance from a star to be and receive energy from a star to live.  Let us walk this path of energy to source. 319 more words


Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Editing fun

On the rare fifth Monday of the month, our challenge is to play with editing with various apps, then share our creations (masterpieces?) with the blogging world.  180 more words

Phoneography Challenge