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Music Thursday: Matter

St. Lucia’s sophomore album Matter ushers listeners into wide open spaces in a charming and retrospective journey. 268 more words



that you must dare to think in unusual ways,
you must dare to be crazy enough,
otherwise nothing…really nothing will lead you to truth.

All matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration… 37 more words



Drift: energies that become embodied in matter and yet maintain their movement; only when they collect in depth does their matter maintain enough mass to hold it against their force. 12 more words


Props to Beyonce for acknowledging the Black Panthers and the struggle

not a  fan at all of the song “formation” in terms of the music

and the hard to  figure out the lyrical presentation,and the routine… 127 more words


Little Changes Matter

Last night I decided that my routines need to be more modified for the better. I’m pretty simple normally. Maybe too simple for most people. I can see that I still need to make a few more changes to my daily habits that will help increase my level of happiness. 292 more words