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Research is Empowering

Research has enhanced my life. It is fulfilling and empowering. I am a stronger person because of it. Since I left my marriage and dumped the kids (they’re in their twenties), I’ve found I have a zest for research. 538 more words

Matters of the Heart, Part 15

Waiting is never easy. Especially when you’re waiting for a decision on something as important and serious as heart surgery. And especially since your symptoms are getting worse on a daily basis. 905 more words

Matters Of The Heart

Visions of Distant Past...

I’ve been thinking a lot about a person I once knew lately. I went years without really thinking that much about her; but lately, I just miss her. 554 more words

Inane Ramblings

Be vulnerable 2. After you feel safe. 3. Live in the moment. 4. Live in love. 5. Bottle all good memories 6. Sniff often. 7. Teach your heart to dance 8.

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Finding Time to Reboot

My wife just told me I’m being really negative lately. What?! I don’t see it. At least, I hadn’t seen it until she pointed it out. 1,642 more words

General Thoughts

Let go..

I feel stupid… yep, you heard that right. Those who know me well know that is a one of the least likely statements I would probably utter. 730 more words

Matters of the Heart, Part 14

You’d think by now we’d all be used to the waiting, and have a little bit more patience when dealing with the endless rounds of hurry up and wait. 939 more words

Matters Of The Heart