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Wishes pour in for threatened St Andrews Park Paddling Pool

St Andrews Park paddling pool has been transformed into a “wishing pool” in the hope of keeping it open in the face of council funding cuts. 688 more words


The Toy Story Guide to Using Theme

Theme. It’s a vague, mystical concept discussed in the halls of universities and remarked upon by literary critics worldwide.

Theme is more than fancy window dressing to make your story ‘culturally relevant’ or of ‘literary merit.’ Theme, in fact, is a tool for writers – a tool that organises your story’s scenes, characters, tone and plot. 631 more words

How To

Best in your own hands is where your life ought to be.

~ Sharon Lee Davies-Tight



Besides Solid, liquid & gas, Many of us are known about Plasma as the fourth state of matter! But is this end of the list so early? 467 more words


Digital Marketing for Dentists Matters More Than You Think

According to a 2003 report about the economics of dentistry, many dentists prefer to spend money on marketing only during particularly difficult economic conditions. Offline marketing is often very costly. 48 more words

How Ghost in the Shell got its main characters wrong—and why it matters

(Source: arstechnica.com)

This analysis contains spoilers for the new Ghost in the Shell movie. Proceed with caution!

Over the weekend, I dragged my best friend—a biracial Japanese dude I’ve known for over a decade—to watch the new Ghost in the Shell movie. 721 more words


What Do You Measure?

A question that I would like to ask pretty anyone who would I like to have a deeper level conversation with “would be what do you measure?” 110 more words