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You shouldn’t have to feel embarrassed about how you feel, about how your mind works. You are you. You feel i’m your own way. Instead of making people feel ashamed or embarrassed, let’s start helping people.

My Life


Hear me when I say Trust Matters. Trust is at the core of every healthy relationship. When you trust someone, your mind is at peace, and even the thought of …

My Sense

When Alice goes down the rabbit hole, the drop not only takes her from the imaginary world to a fictitious one. It also propels her into a dimension of instability. 791 more words

Nothing matters

We put meaning to all the things, but there is no meaning in things for what they are. Things are things, people are people, there is no much to think about, but when it affects us in a good or a bad way, then we judge them and label them. 137 more words


PoHymn: A Rustling in the Stagnant ... May 9th, 2018

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Listen to the Poet

What Matters

It is important, I am told

Speak clearly, stand, be bold

No time for me to waver a bit… 153 more words


Maintaining Focus on what Truly Matters

Losing sight of what is important to me,  I have been a mix of countless emotions lately, both positive and negative. Taking a step back today both for physical and emotional health reasons, I came home after completing my first segment of many IB/AP tests and rested, in part to the sinus infection I have as well as because of the overwhelming feeling of inadequacy that has plagued me both yesterday and today. 363 more words