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Fancy Saddle Pads -- are They Worth it?

Although I am an admitted saddle addict, I am not a saddle pad addict. I know people who own multitudes of colors . . . have gel pads, riser pads, sheepskin pads, and correction pads. 1,014 more words


The Jaclyn Hill Morphe Palette

I understand that this post may be a bit late, because this palette has been out for about a year now. However I didn’t purchase it until earlier on this year because the demand for it was too high, so I didn’t think I would be able to get one, until it had been out for a while. 480 more words

Stuff for the Lips: Liquid Catsuit

Hello, Rosettes and Happy Memorial Day!  Today I’m gushing about my absolute favorite line of liquid lips!  This line as an amazing range of colors that are constantly being updated whenever Wet n Wild roles out a new collection.  880 more words


Maybelline Lemonade Craze Palette Review

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade {craze}.

Maybelline recently released a new palette called the Lemonade Craze Palette. It has 12 shades: 8 mattes and 4 shimmers/metallics. 700 more words


Milani Eyeshadow Palette Review

Hey guys! Welcome back. A few days ago I posted a haul and said that I had ordered some stuff from the Milani website and the products finally came in! 362 more words


Set Matte

The Set Matte effect replaces the alpha channel (matte) of a layer with a channel from another layer above it for the creation of traveling matte results. 262 more words

After Effects

Remove Color Matte

The Remove Color Matting effect removes color fringes (halos) from layers with premultiplied color channels. Halos often occur when an area of partial transparency retains the color of the original background and is composited into a context with a different background color. 241 more words

After Effects