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Matt "FlyGuy" Collins' NYS Report

The proprietor of JJ’s Jigs and I fished a stream in Tioga County, New York early this week.  I have never fished this water, but it looks like great trout habitat.  394 more words

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Matt "FlyGuy" Mondays - Voyeurism

It’s time to give you a little “Peep Show” inside Matt “FlyGuy” Collins’ fly boxes…  Time for some sexy, sexy Fly Candy.

– Cue the sick 70’s porn music.  103 more words

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Upcoming Flyfishing Events from Matt "FlyGuy" Collins

Matt “FlyGuy” Collins has been celebrating St. Patrick’s Day (and just now became coherent from his “green beer” stupor) working dilligently on his weekly post.  Here is what’s coming up in some very cool flyfishing events in our local area:   … 820 more words

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Matt "FlyGuy" Monday... ummm... Tuesday!!

As the fishing season approaches closer and closer you will see the length of my posts will decrease. Why you ask?  Simply put.. I will be fishing. 170 more words

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Matt "FlyGuy" Mondays: “Gearing up for the Spring Season”

I have had enough of this cabin fever. One can only read, watch and write about fly fishing for so long without actually doing it. I had to get out. 230 more words

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Matt "FlyGuy" Mondays....

Over the years I have come to realization that some might consider us fishing enthusiasts slightly odd.

The underlying question is “Why?”

Why do you fly fish? 325 more words

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"Giving Back" with MattFlyGuy Monday

I may have mentioned this before but I am a member of the Twin Tiers Federation of Fly Fishermen.    It is a very active group that holds monthly meetings on fly fishing topics. 343 more words

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